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Rocket Systems Area Historic Documents

RSA Document Collage

A collection of links to PDFs of historical documents, monthly status reports, reference material, and technical reports related to the Rocket Systems Area and Plum Brook Station.

Plum Brook Station*

Historic Documentation

Land Acquisition and Construction




Liquid Hydrogen Development

Nuclear Propulsion

Centaur Program

Turbopumps and Propellant Tanks


Miscellaneous Site Information

Floor Plans

Operations Reports

Plum Brook facilities managers were required to contribute updates to station management on the activities at each facility during a given month. Management compiled this information into a Test Operations Report or Status Reports for the entire station. These volumes have been divided by particular facility for this website.

Technical Reports


Heat Transfer in Nuclear Systems

Fluorine Compatibility

Centaur Structural Dynamics

Nuclear Propellant Flow Systems

Tank Insulation

Tank Pressurization

*Plum Brook Station was renamed the Neil Armstrong Test Facility in 2021.

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