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NASA's Glenn Research Center's world-class facilities and expert staff help develop and verify cutting-edge technologies in the areas of aeronautics, aerospace and space. Our premier ground test facilities support powered flight through the atmosphere and beyond.

We’ve developed supersonic aircraft, walked on the moon, created a reusable space shuttle and an orbiting laboratory, and now we’re developing a spacecraft to take us to Mars. None of these mission accomplishments would have been possible without stringent and realistic testing. In this presentation from our 2017 Evening with the Stars event, NASA Glenn engineer Mary Lobo explains how we accurately simulate some of the harshest conditions found in the air and space to enable technology breakthroughs. Credits: NASA

Acoustics Facilities

Aircraft Facilities

Combustion Facilities

Cryogenic Facilities

Electronics Facilities

Materials-Structures Facilities

Microgravity Facilities

Propulsion Facilities

Support Facilities

Vacuum Chamber Facilities

Wind Tunnels

Using Our Facilities

NASA’s Glenn Research Center provides ground test facilities to industry, government, and academia. If you are considering testing in one of our facilities or would like further information about a specific facility or capability, please let us know.

Did you test in one of our facilities? Let us know about your experience by participating in our customer facility evaluation survey.

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