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Research & Engineering

Enabling future aerospace missions and new technological capabilities for NASA and the nation with our research, technology development, and engineering system development.

futuristic illustration depicting communications between aircraft


Innovative research and engineering in advanced communications technologies, architecture definition, and systems development supporting current and future NASA aerospace missions.

Artist rendering of Gateway Lunar orbiter

Cross-cutting Capabilities

Enabling development of advanced technologies and flight systems with cross-cutting capabilities in controls, sensors, thermal management, avionics, and computational models.

closeup of mars rover tire in simulation lab running over large rock.

Materials & Structures for Extreme Environments

Researching and developing materials, structures, and mechanisms technologies for propulsion, power, energy storage, and space and planetary environments. Engineering and testing expertise supporting mission success for advanced structural systems and mechanisms.

Dawn Blue Glow Artist Concept


Driving advances in air-breathing technology for aerospace vehicles, and performing research and developing technology for spacecraft propulsion systems and stages, and cryogenic fluid flight systems.

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