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Leading power technology development and systems design for space exploration vehicles, planetary surface power, and electrified aircraft.

Energy Storage

Aerospace power systems require high performance energy storage technologies to operate in challenging space and aeronautic environments.

In our unique facilities at Glenn Research Center, we develop regenerative fuel cells and aerospace batteries to support NASA missions and programs.

For more information, contact Dr. Tim Peshek.

Power Generation & Conversion

All aerospace missions require a high performance, robust, and reliable source of electrical power. We support NASA missions with our research and development of many of these technologies, including photovoltaics, nuclear power, primary fuel cells, and turbo-generators.

These new power sources will enable humans and robotics to travel further into the solar system and will help usher in an era of new aircraft with electrified propulsion.

For more information, contact Wayne Wong.

Power Management & Distribution

Aerospace power systems rely on a robust, efficient, and reliable power distribution system which safely moves electricity from the power sources and energy storage to the user loads.

These systems must be much higher performance than terrestrial systems, and they must be able to tolerate component failures without risking the crew or the mission.

In addition, specialized power electronics are needed to drive unique loads such as spacecraft electric throughsters.

For more information, contact Robert Scheidegger.

Power Systems

Electrical Power Systems are one of the most critical sub-systems in any aerospace vehicle or platform. They are designed and optimized for the intended mission, engineered and validated for the highest reliability, and must operate safely for the duration of the mission.

Our work spans the entire lifecycle of any flight power system development – from conceptual design, through development, verification testing, and eventually operations of the power system through the life of the mission

For more information, contact Terrian Nowden.

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