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Energy Storage

Developing safe energy storage for use in the harsh environment of space.


Batteries for aerospace applications are a technological challenge. They need to be higher performance and safer than terrestrial batteries, while still being able to operate in some very harsh environments.

Research into newer battery chemistries as well as the development of safe and rugged battery assemblies for space are an important role for NASA’s Glenn Research Center.

For more information about our energy storage and batteries research and development, contact Rob Button.

Regenerative Fuel Cells

Regenerative fuel cells are an energy storage technology that is able to separate the fuel storage – hydrogen, oxygen, and water – from the power conversion fuel cell.

This technology is able to store large amounts of energy at a lower mass than comparable battery systems. Regenerative fuel cells are useful for power systems to survive the very long lunar “nights” that are over 14 Earth days in duration.

For more information about our work in regenerative fuel cells, contact Ian Jakupca

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