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Advanced Subsonic Combustion Rig

The Advanced Subsonic Combustion Rig (ASCR) is a unique high-pressure and high temperature combustor facility. It is significant because of its one-of-a kind ability to simulate combustor tests up to 60 atmospheres.

Facility Overview

Advanced Subsonic Combustion Rig Control Room
Advanced Subsonic Combustion Rig Control Room.

The Advanced Subsonic Combustion Rig (ASCR) at NASA’s Glenn Research Center (GRC) is a high-pressure, high-temperature combustion rig that simulates combustor inlet test conditions up to a pressure of 900 psig and temperatures up to 1300°F non-vitiated (no combustibles) at flow rates ranging from 5 to 50-lb/s. ASCR uses a dedicated high pressure compressor which pressurizes GRC’s centrally supplied 450 PSIG combustion air up to 900 PSIG, which is double the pressure capability of other combustor facilities at GRC. The maximum exhaust gas temperature from the test article is 3400°F.

Advanced Subsonic Combustion Rig
Researchers and technicians pose in front of the Advanced Subsonic Combustion Rig.

The ASCR has been instrumental to NASA and its industry partners in developing low emissions combustor technology at higher operating pressures. Research has focused on developing low NOx combustors for pressure ratios up to 55:1. The ability of ASCR to operate up to 60 atmospheres provides a unique capability for NASA and engine manufacturers to quantify the effects of higher pressure on combustor emissions, durability and operability.

Quick Facts

The ASCR is a high-pressure, high temperature combustion rig which simulates engine test conditions up to a pressure of 900 PSIG and a temperature of 1300°F non-vitiated (no combustibles) at 50 lb/sec air flow. The facility supports research on multiple fuel injector test hardware for large aircraft engine development, and full-scale annular combustor development for regional aircraft engine development.

Inlet Pressure 50-900 psig
Inlet Temperature 250° to 1300°F (non-vitiated)
Inlet Airflow 5 to 50 lb/sec
Exhaust atmospheric or altitude
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Stand 1 Sector Rig Capabilities

Stand 2 Flametube Capabilities

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Advanced Subsonic Combustion Rig (ASCR)
Facility Manager: Gwynn Severt

Test Facility Management Branch
Branch Chief: Michael S. McVetta

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