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Altitude Wind Tunnel Historical Documents

AWT related documents

This page contains digital versions of various historical documents and resources related to the Altitude Wind Tunnel (AWT). These include technical reports, newspaper articles, floor plans, correspondence, talks, reports, tutorials, and other documents.

AWT General Information

AWT History

AWT Description

Research Activities

Engine Testing

Piston Engines

General Electric Centrifugal Engines

General Electric Axial-Flow Engines

Westinghouse Turbojets

1950s Jet Engines



Project Mercury Testing

Centaur Testing

Atlas-Centaur Retrorockets

Systems Testing

Shroud Jettison Tests

Hydrogen Tank Venting

Facility Materials

Design and Construction

AWT Facility

SPC Facility

Support Facilities

Tunnel Rehabilitation Study

Reference Materials

Historical Reference

Glenn Reference

Glenn Facilities

Other Centers and Facilities

Technical Terminology

NASA Missions


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