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Hear From Some of Our Past Interns


Read about what some of our past interns have to say about SIP:

“Having the opportunity to learn how to use the tools I will be using in college is great, like soldering and the oscilloscope, it makes me more excited to go into my classes next year. I feel prepared because of this experience.” – Emily Clapper, Ohio State University 

“Working as a SCaN intern is really exciting because the project I am contributing to is a small piece of what will hopefully end up orbiting Mars one day.” – Katie Chun, University of Washington

“I’ve learned a lot that’s not in my books at school … the real world experience takes me further than what you can learn in the classroom.” – Skyler Baugher, University of Toledo 

“While working at NASA, I’ve been able to see innovation up front, rather than just hearing it from the news. I’ve been able to be a part of it and actually show what I’ve learned throughout school. This position was actually the perfect internship for me because I’m really interested in exploring more of how I can apply my video game design skills to games and applications that can help educate people” – Sara Roman, Cleveland Institute of Art 

“Working with my mentor has been fantastic … he’s making a really active effort to be here for us, he even moved his office here to be more helpful and encouraging” – Christian Gilbertson, Pennsylvania State University

“My experience this summer at NASA has been amazing. I have been able to work on a challenging but rewarding project, and have met many incredibly hard working and smart people. My work here has helped me understand software development and has heightened my problem solving skills. This will help me greatly with the rest of my education.” – Lucas Shalkhasuer, Baldwin Wallace University

“When I think of collaboration, I think of all the different teams here at NASA and how we all have to work together to reach one goal. It’s not just one team doing one thing, it’s five different teams coming together on one single project to all aid in their own special way to be able to get it done.” – Ryan Walker, Firelands High School 

“The people here are more likely to be driven by curiosity, or search for knowledge, or seeking out new things than by profit. Coming to work each day and seeing a sign that says, “Research and Technology for the Benefit of All” is a really motivating. Something about exploring and seeking out your curiosity, but with the intent of doing it for the benefit of people and stewardship of the Earth and exploring beyond are all really noble causes in my opinion.” – Cove Geary, Yale University

“I am seventeen and in high school. Most kids my age who like science dream of doing what I am doing right now. It’s like I am living in a fantasy adventure.” – Albert Wilhelmy, Lakewood High School

“My experience with support at NASA has been astounding, everyone I’ve met has been kind and very helpful. And no one’s here to antagonize you. They’re all here to help you and they want to see you succeed. It’s very reassuring.” – Ash Mishra, Miami University

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