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About Space Communications and Navigation (SCaN)

Space Communications and Navigation (SCaN) serves as the Program Office for all NASA’s space communications activities, including ground based facilities and services, and is responsible for the development of space communications and navigation technology. SCaN’s national and international activities include its role in NASA’s spectrum management and policy advocacy.

About the SCaN Internship Project (SIP)

Summer Intern Project

The SCaN Internship Project (SIP) at the NASA Glenn Research Center (GRC) is a ten-week-long summer internship where High School, Undergraduate, and Graduate students gain hands on experience working with NASA mentors on projects in specialized areas of Space Communication and Navigation. SIP introduces students to powerful communication systems and network software tools, allowing them to design and analyze space communication systems and networks. This interdisciplinary internship program was designed for both students in STEM and none-STEM related fields.

SIP is sponsored by the SCaN Policy and Strategic Communications Office at NASA Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

How is SIP Different from Other Internships?

Becoming a SIP intern is a unique career development opportunity, as the program was designed to prepare students for a life-long career at NASA. When a SIP project is created, it is founded with the idea that the student selected for that opportunity will return each summer and continue their contributions to the project until they graduate. Each year as the students’ knowledge matures, their corresponding NASA activities and training increase in complexity. Upon graduation, students will be prepared to enter the workforce.

Mentorship is an important aspect of the ten-week program. Each student is paired with an experienced and multidisciplinary mentor who counsels them on their project work, teaches them new skills, and assists with post-graduation career planning.

SCaN Intern Project (SIP)

At the end of each summer session, SCaN personnel from NASA Headquarters fly in to attend the SIP Presentation and Awards Ceremony, where each intern presents their summer project work. Other attendees include NASA GRC employees, members of academia, and potential future employers. This is a great way for our interns to gain exposure for their work and network with potential employers. Every year at the end of the SIP Presentation and Awards Ceremony one SIP intern is presented with a grant to travel to and attend the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) meeting that preludes the International Astronautical Conference. In the past five years we have sent our students to SGAC meetings in Israel, Germany, Australia, Canada, and Washington D.C.

After the internship has concluded, we share job postings throughout the year in order to help our past interns gain employment.

SIP Promotional Video 

Watch the video below to learn more about the SCaN Intern Project.

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