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Business Management

The GRC Business Management Office defines the business rhythm and cadence of the office in responding to the NASA HQ SCaN Program Office Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE) cycle.

Policy and Strategic Communications (PSC) Office

Policy and Strategic Communications (PSC) Office

Policy and Strategic Communications (PSC) office The Policy and Strategic Communications (PSC) office at NASA Glenn Research Center (GRC) supports NASA’s goal of promoting Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) education to all students, regardless of their education level or background. At GRC, the PSC team supports this work through the use of PSC Outreach … Read the rest ⇢

Project Mission Statement:
As the Space Communications Office PP&C Manager, provide Program and Project Control (PPC) in support of SCaN projects and the SCaN Business Manager. Focus is on the PPC functions, Integration and communication between SCaN HQ, Code MB and the projects within MSC.

The agency PPMB has defined the PP&C functions as:

In addition, GRC PPC practice also includes integration of:

PPBE Process Phases

The Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution (PPBE) process aligns resources in a comprehensive, disciplined, and top-down approach with regard to resource and financial management. SCaN’s PPBE model follows NASA process phases and steps as they are documented in the NASA Governance and Strategic Management Handbook (NPD 1000.0B), the NASA Strategic Plan (NPD 1001.0B), the NASA Organization (NPD 1000.3E), NASA Budget Formulation Procedural Requirements (NPR 9420.1), and NASA Budget Execution Procedural Requirements (NPR 9470. 1).

At any given point throughout the year, government agencies are working on three budgets. For example, if the current year is FY 2017, then agencies are executing FY 2017’s budget, finishing up PPBE 2018 activities and beginning PPBE 2019.

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