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Policy and Strategic Communications (PSC) Office

Policy and Strategic Communications (PSC) office


The Policy and Strategic Communications (PSC) office at NASA Glenn Research Center (GRC) supports NASA’s goal of promoting Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) education to all students, regardless of their education level or background. At GRC, the PSC team supports this work through the use of PSC Outreach and the Space Communications and Navigation Internship Project (SIP). The GRC PSC office is committed to policy advocacy, strategic communications, education and public outreach efforts in order for the public to understand the importance of space communications and navigation in making possible all space missions.

Space Communications and Navigation (SCaN) Outreach

The PSC Outreach team is responsible for coordinating and attending public outreach events and local educational events with the goal of promoting the Space Communications and Navigation department and its projects to the general public. By regularly attending local schools and traveling across the country to attend STEM related public outreach events, the PSC Outreach team inspires future generations to pursue careers in STEM fields and spread awareness of NASA missions as we journey back to the Moon and on to Mars.

The PSC team uses various educational tools to help educate the public on what SCaN is currently working on, including holograms, virtual reality headsets, and the Puffer Sphere exhibit. When attending local schools, hands-on design challenges are conducted and engaging educational handouts are distributed to students so they can learn more about SCaN and share that new information with their friends and family.


SCaN Internship Project (SIP)

The Space Communication and Navigations Internship Project (SIP) team works to develop the careers of high school, undergraduate, and graduate students by providing a 10-week hands-on summer internship experience. Students are introduced to space communications and navigation knowledge and practices through their participation in the program. Each year, as the students’ knowledge matures, their corresponding NASA activities and training increase in complexity. Upon graduation, students will be prepared to enter the NASA workforce. SIP is important to the future of NASA as it allows students to bring fresh new perspectives and innovative ideas to real NASA missions, and assist with succession planning.


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To contact the GRC PSC Office, please email GRC PSC Public Outreach Specialist Lindsay Hill at

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