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Space Communications and Navigation (SCaN) Outreach

The GRC PSC Outreach team is responsible for the coordination and implementation of educational public outreach events to share NASA and the Space Communications and Navigation (SCaN) Program’s accomplishments with the general public and space industry. By participating in national STEM events, visiting schools, and creating unique educational opportunities, the GRC PSC Outreach team is able to inspire the Artemis generation to pursue careers in STEM fields by spreading awareness of NASA missions as we journey back to the Moon and on to Mars.

Public Outreach Events 

The GRC PSC team uses various traveling exhibits to create an interactive learning experience.

The PufferSphere is a 360-degree multi-touch interactive sphere that displays video, photos, motion graphics, text and other visual resources. Our Hologram is features realistic 3-D animations featuring NASA technology. Virtual Reality videos, developed by NASA Glenn Research Center, are showcased through Oculus Go headsets and allow the user to be immersed in a virtual learning environment

School Visits

Virtual and local K-12 classroom visits play a key role implementing the PSC team’s mission to inspire future generations with STEM education. Members of the NASA SCaN team travel to schools across North Eastern, Ohio, and virtually visit classrooms nationwide to provide the NASA experience to students inside the classroom.

The PSC team collaborates with educators to create new and engaging educational material for K-12 students. Some of which can be found here:

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