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Motor Control Software

A motor controller takes measurements as inputs, and outputs a control signal that allows a motor to operate and spin. 

In an effort to improve design and testing processes, one of NASA’s key goals is developing a scalable control architecture for use on several electrified aircraft concepts. This architecture allows for automatic generation of motor control software from a simulation environment, making the development process quicker and more efficient compared to traditional software development practices.

Generating Code from Controller Models 

Controller Graph

Code generation is the process of generating conventional text code from visual models.  

The motor controller is developed in a simulation where it is connected to the other components of a motor power system. In the simulation environment, the controller operates a power converter to control a motor. Code generation is used to automatically convert the controller in simulation to code that can be loaded onto a real controller in a physical system. The controller model that runs in the simulation becomes the code that runs real-life hardware.

Using this development approach is much quicker than writing traditional control software for complex control algorithms. Additionally, the visual controller model is easier to follow and the tight integration with simulation allows more in-depth analysis during hardware and software integration.

Development Benefits of Code Generation 

Flight Certification Benefits of Code Generation 

Application and Next Steps 

Code generation has successfully been used in the High Lift Motor Controller (HLMC) being developed under X-57. The development process has already been shown to decrease development times and lessen the differences between simulation and the real world.

Having a scaled control architecture allows the system that works for X-57 to be implemented on the Advanced Air Transport Technology (AATT) 250kW converter and eventually the 1.4MW High Efficiency Megawatt Motor (HEMM).

Although hardware interfaces differ between the X-57 and AATT projects, the control algorithm (which is the most challenging part) is mostly the same and can be reused on each project.

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