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High-Efficiency Megawatt Motor (HEMM)

The 1.4 MW High Efficiency Megawatt Motor (HEMM) is being designed to meet the needs of electrified aircraft propulsion. HEMM has a target performance of 16 kW/kg, 99% efficiency, and will have 3x lower losses and weight than current aircraft motors and generators. 

The HEMM technology can be integrated with a typical aircraft cooling system and can be applied to a range of aircraft types that require megawatt-level electrical power.  

New technologies must be developed to ensure the motor can produce more power per mass, while efficiently maintaining required cryogenic temperatures. Three components being built and tested are a rotating acoustic cryogenic cooler, superconducting rotor coils, and a high-performance stator.  

Primary Components

HEMM’s exterior looks like a standard motor, but inside, it houses advanced technologies to maintain proper function while increasing power capability.

HEMM components are undergoing individual testing and analysis. Once each component has demonstrated a high level of confidence, they can be manufactured for a test of the full-scale 1.4MW High Efficiency Megawatt Motor.

Motor Comparisons

The HEMM motor is extremely powerful and efficient for its given size (16”x42”). Though smaller than an average car engine, the 1.4MW motor is 10x more powerful.

Motor comparison

Aircraft Level Impact

Key Features

Advanced Cryocooler Thermal Testing for Electrified Aircraft Propulsion. Credits: NASA

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