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The GVIS Lab and Scientific Computing and Visualization Team have decades of experience with outreach, and our passion for outreach and usage of latest visual technologies make a positive impact on the community and NASA’s mission. As a result, the teams have been recognized for their extraordinary work with awards from NASA and the community.

The Team is uniquely positioned to support the Center and Agency in the following areas:

Scientific and Technical Outreach

The GVIS Lab supports the Center and the Agency by providing staffing, hardware and software for numerous scientific and technical events. These include technical conferences like American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Aviation and The International Gas Turbine Institute (IGTI).

Community Outreach

The Scientific Computing and Visualization Team is frequently invited to provide staff and visualizations for events throughout the community including the Great Lakes Science Center and the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. They are also invited to local technical events and conferences to give presentations and show some of their visualizations. This collaboration with local organizations is mutually beneficial as it provides a venue for spreading the message of NASA’s mission.

Furthermore, the Team frequently takes part in large NASA Glenn events such as their periodic Open Houses and Saturday tours. They are also a prime contributor to the organization and hosting of the NASA Space Apps Challenge that is hosted annually at the Center.The Team has supported many community events including Ingenuity, Girls-In-STEM and the Cleveland Asian Festival, but not limited to.

Educational Outreach for On-Site Events

The NASA Glenn Education Office does an amazing job of organizing on-site events including 4-H Day, Aviations Day, Manufacturing Day, and National Lab Day. The Team is always there to support these efforts with visualizations at the event and also tours of the GVIS Lab.

With the help of advanced technology, the GVIS Team is eliminating a material gap that was once more prominent in public schools. The Team dedicates their time in mentoring and teaching students computer skills throughout the year.

Even though the GVIS team is currently working with a handful of schools, they are helping a group of people reach their potential through the help these devices.


The Lab is often a tour stop for tourists. They are arranged by the Center and also for impromptu tours for people who pass by the Lab. These tours are designed to inform our guests about the visualizations created in the lab.


Educational Outreach in Schools and Libraries

Finally, the Team members are dedicated to providing mentoring and support to local schools and libraries through a variety of ways.

Members of the team are mentors for high school robotics teams.

Members and interns on the Team go to local libraries to do a computer or robotics activities.

We has also partnered with a local school and their Science, Research and Engineering Program (SREP). The partnership allows students in the SREP program to work on their projects in the GVIS Lab throughout their high school years. The partnership has resulted in the projects:

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