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The GVIS Lab hosts several college and high school interns throughout the year, giving motivated students the chance to develop their skills while working on real-world NASA projects. Areas of work include 3D modeling, 2D graphic design, programming, virtual and augmented reality development, communications and more.

Summer 2022 Interns

Rishub Tamirisa

Picture of Rishub

Rishub Tamirisa is a junior majoring in Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is originally from San Diego, California. Rishub is passionate about computer science theory and all aspects of software development. His primary interest is in ML theory/engineering, and he has been working on cancer tissue machine learning research at UIUC during the past year.

As an intern at the NASA Glenn Research center, he currently works on the PeTaL (Periodic Table of Life) project, developing NLP models and researching DL architecture for biomimicry identification. He is also exploring GNNs and their applications in material simulation of PDEs on mesh graphs. Rishub is excited to work with other interns and mentors in the NLP field and contribute to NASA’s mission.

Kirsten Guillory

Picture of Kirsten

Kirsten Guillory attends the University of North Texas majoring in Biomedical Engineering. She has a passion for technology and finding ways to make websites more user-friendly. In her free time, she enjoys reading and traveling to new places.

She is currently working with Communications and Outreach for Model-Based Anything (MBx) for the NASA Glenn Research Center.

Caleb Cram

Picture of Caleb

Caleb Cram is currently a graduate of the games, interactive media and mobile technology program at Boise State University working towards a minor in information technology management. Born and raised in Boise, Idaho, Caleb has developed an intense passion for extended reality software development and the seemingly infinite possibilities there are to be explored within the technology as innovation and capabilities grow.

He spends the majority of his free time experimenting with cutting edge AR/VR software for the annual NASA SUITS Challenge. As an XR simulation development intern with NASA at GRC, Caleb is tasked with implementing VR and AR functionality into a series of multi-user cross-platform and WebXR based simulation projects along with optimizing the EPFD project for utilization within the GRUVE lab, CAVE environment.”

Chase Leidy

Chase Leidy is a senior majoring in animation at the Cleveland Institute of Art. Chase has a focus in CGI visual effects and 3D modeling/sculpting. Chase is passionate about NASA’s latest project’s and will be visualizing them during his time here. During his free time, he enjoys consuming digital media, particularly anything sci-fi, skiing, relaxing at the beach or his pool, exploring with friends, and advancing his toolset.

While Chase is an intern at the Glenn Research Center, he will be 3D printing assets, 3D modeling assets, and creating a short 3D animation

Lori Vanhoose

Delores “Lori” VanHoose is a graduate from University of Texas at Austin majoring in Art and Entertainment Technologies with a certificate in Computing of Elements aka Computer Science. She loves twitch streaming the various hobbies she participates in from videogames to digital art. Outside of twitch streaming, she actively participates in a variety of FIRST Robotics Competition as a volunteer and mentor.

Lori has been tasked with polishing a 3D model of the W8 facility for use in VR/AR and other applications. Before this internship, she was an intern at JSC in Building 9 and taught bomb squad technicians how to rapidly design and create working robots to climb up a variety of obstacles with a smaller robot payload

Helen Qiu

Picture of Helen Qiu

Helen Qiu is currently working on a digital twin project that utilizes circuitry and motors. The project will allow users to view the motors through a digital device and receive real time data on them as the digital twin. The project will eventually be used as a demonstrator for digital twin technology.

Aishwarya Balivada

Picture of Aishwarya Balivada

My name is Aishwarya Balivada, and I am a Ph.D. Astrophysics student at Purdue University. My interests are cosmology, galaxy evolution, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. I got interested in machine learning when I used simulations/convolutional neural networks to study the Epoch of Reionization. Since then, I’ve been curious about machine learning and wanted to learn more about it. I was offered a job at NASA Glenn to use machine learning/AI to identify and summarize biological strategies in biomimicry research. Now here I am applying what I learned! A few fun facts about me: I love to knit scarfs/sweaters, I play the guitar/violin in my free time, and I enjoy inline skating.

Karen Phan

Picture of Karen Phan

Karen Phan is studying English and informatics with a specialization in human-computer interaction at the University of California, Irvine. This summer, she will be supporting NASA GRC’s data science and AI/ML communications and outreach efforts.

Charlie Acomb

Charlie Acomb posing

Charlie Acomb is a rising junior double majoring in Astrophysics and Physics at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. He enjoys playing music on the piano, baking, playing badminton, and star gazing through his telescope.

Charlie is working with the GVIS lab to support their communication and outreach through maintaining this GVIS site, as well as creating an online dashboard to allow users to gain insight on how artificial intelligence and machine learning is being used across NASA’s many projects.

Jakob Miller

Image of Jakob Miller

Jakob Miller is a rising senior at Maple Heights High School. He enjoys working on cars and playing baseball, as well as coding and playing video games.

Skilled in JavaScript, he is working on fixing and updating the Fluid Flow Simulation demo for the GVIS Lab. He will also be photographing and documenting certain aspects of the GVIS and GRUVE Labs.


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