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The GVIS Lab hosts several college and high school interns throughout the year, giving motivated students the chance to develop their skills while working on real-world NASA projects. Areas of work include 3D modeling, 2D graphic design, programming, virtual and augmented reality development, communications and more.

Fall 2022 Interns

Olivia Francese

An image of NASA GVIS intern Olivia Francese.

Olivia Francese is attending Bowling Green State University in Ohio, and majoring in Digital Arts. She is currently working on enhancing the Susan aircraft model, the HEMM motor model, and the W8 model with the NASA GVIS lab. Olivia has a passion in 3D modeling and 3D animation. Her goal is to make these models a more suitable environment for a VR experience. In Olivia’s free time she likes to explore nature, watch movies, and draw!

Neha Panduri

An image of NASA GVIS intern Neha Panduri.

Neha Panduri is a second-year undergraduate at Case Western Reserve University majoring in computer science. After reading about all the amazing and cool projects being done at NASA, she wanted to find an opportunity that will help her develop her skills as a computer programmer and learn about new applications of software programming. Some of Neha’s favorite hobbies are watching movies, dancing, biking, and traveling.

Jenaye Johnson

An image of NASA GVIS intern Jenaye Johnson.

Jenaye Johnson recently graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in May 2022, where she majored in Neuroscience and was pre-grad. What inspired her most to work at NASA was simply the ability to be surrounded by people who wanted to explore the unknown, and the wide breadth of information and research topics available to explore here. She loves all avenues of STEM, and NASA is a gateway that can connect a variety of fields and minds in one space (no pun intended).

During her time in undergrad, Jenaye worked as a Research Assistant/Associate for the Center for Neuroengineering and Therapeutics, a clinical epilepsy lab that focused on novel treatments and diagnostic measurements for intractable epilepsy. As part of her role, she collected and processed EEG data, MRIs, and CT scans for graduate and postdoc-students’ research. She also spent some time managing the CNT’s website and created technical documentation and blog posts. For her senior year, she did her senior thesis research project on how diffusion tensor imaging could be used to track lateralization of white matter language microstructures in neonates.

She also enjoys writing short stories, doing arts and crafts projects, and learning how to take care of plants. Jenaye is also a fraternal twin!

Jacob Pederson

An image of NASA GVIS intern Jacob Pederson.

Jacob Pederson is attending the University of Washington while majoring in computer engineering and minoring in mathematics. He has wanted to join NASA for many years in order to support missions to help preserve, improve, and advance human consciousness. Jacob is most proud of his time spent at NASA – he is currently on his third internship at Glenn Research Center, and is hoping to continue onward as an intern/pathways intern until he graduates where he then hopes to come on as a contractor or civil servant. A fun fact about Jacob is that he is almost finished with all of his PADI scuba certifications!

Adriana Holst

An image of NASA GVIS intern Adriana Holst.

Adriana Holst is attending Ohio University where she studies musical theater and computer science. For Adriana, NASA has always been a symbol of innovation and hope to the American people. As someone with a long history with and passion for communication between programmers and people outside of tech, being able to communicate the wonderful missions at NASA with others in the community as well as the public feels like a perfect fit, and she is beyond excited to be here.

Adriana Holst is the first musical theater major at Ohio University to also study computer science.  This unique educational background has awarded her many opportunities.  In the tech communications and outreach world, Adriana worked in collaboration with the Compassion Prison Project to draft a computer science curriculum at Kern Valley State Prison.  Additionally, Adriana worked with The App Association as a membership intern and developer advocate.  In her personal life, she has founded Grant a Guitar: a 501©(3) nonprofit organization promoting music literacy and love through scholarships, music therapy, and access to music instruments.

Along with the exciting work she is doing at NASA this semester, Adriana is also music directing a production of Ride the Cyclone, workshopping a play she has written, and continuing work on an app she has created to combat food insecurity in Appalachia!

Marc Frances

An image of NASA GVIS intern Marc Frances.

Marc Frances is a student at Boise State University in Boise, Idaho, and Marc’s major is Games Interactive Media and Mobile Technology. He was inspired to intern at NASA while he was doing his undergraduate research project with NASA SUITS, which is a challenge held every year. He has always been exposed to NASA, but this challenge pushed him further than he could’ve expected! NASA is also on the cutting edge of mixed-reality and augmented reality technology which is something that motivates Marc everyday. Having the opportunity to experiment and play with this technology is a dream come true!

He is originally from Las Vegas, Nevada. Growing up, Marc has always had a passion for video games and media. Going into college, he immediately knew what he wanted to do. That’s why with the help of a friend, he was able to find a major that suited him the best; Games Interactive Media and Mobile Technology. This major allowed him to find his passion in XR development which inevitably led to my undergraduate research project. This ultimately allowed him to experiment with all types of augmented reality and virtual reality technology, and that finally landed him at Glenn!

Marc loves to 3D print,  felting, cooking, hiking, and one fun fact is he is double jointed!

Vinitha Marupeddi

An image of NASA GVIS intern Vinitha Marupeddi.

Vinitha Marupeddi is a computer science, data science, and applied statistics major at Purdue University. Almost all of the machine learning research projects that NASA undertakes are completely open source because most of what they do is to further our knowledge in different topics. She came into college not knowing how to code and having never learned, but two years later, she is doing machine learning and attending graduate courses!

Eshan Bhargava

An image of NASA GVIS intern Eshan Bhargava.

Eshan Bhargava is a student at the University of Southern California, while completing his Computer Science Master’s (MS) degree. Developments in technology, particularly in computing, have revolutionized our way of life. Breakthroughs and innovations are deployed regularly, and we have just scratched the surface of technological advancement. NASA is no exception to such innovation. He believes the work at NASA is both important and fulfilling. He wants to sharpen his skills and learn from the knowledgeable and talented minds of such an institution. Eshan is particularly interested in supporting NASA’s efforts in machine learning, space exploration, and robotics.

He is proud of having the opportunity to pursue his Master’s at USC and interning at prestigious companies and research institutions, like CERN, UCSF, and more.

Eshan likes to experiment with robotics, read, and play sports on his free time.

Aubrey Barkley

An image of NASA GVIS intern Aubrey Barkley.

Aubrey Barkley is currently attending Estrella Mountain Community College in Avondale, Arizona, and is majoring in Molecular Biosciences and Biotechnology, with a minor in Astrophysics. She is transferring to Arizona State University in the Spring of 2023. What inspired Aubrey to want to intern at NASA is her dream of becoming an Astronaut. She is deeply intrigued by how life started, as well as how our universe started. (who isn’t?!) She hopes to one day assist with human colonization on our Moon and Mars while paving the way for future generations to do the same.

Besides interning at NASA Glenn Research Center, she is proud to say she have done a lot within a short period of time in Community College. Aubrey has completed the L’SPACE NASA Mission Concept Academy as the Science Team Lead, L’SPACE NASA Proposal Writing and Evaluation Experience as the Science Team Lead and Assistant Project Manager, NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars as the Science Return Specialist, as well as interning at Arizona State University’s Frasch lab, which then hired me a permanent Undergraduate Research Assistant studying mechanisms of cellular evolution. She was also able to present her Astrobiology research at her community college’s Honor’s Expo, which allowed me to practice giving presentations in front of large crowds.

When she is not working or in classes, Aubrey enjoys spending time with her loved ones, playing video games, drawing, going on hikes, trying new foods, and thinking about new ideas.

Sabrina Hare

An image of NASA GVIS intern Sabrina Hare.

Sabrina Hare is currently attending Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Product Design. She was inspired to intern at NASA because she loves NASA’s mission and values of exploring the universe and pushing human discovery. Sabrina especially likes NASA because of how the organization also gives back to the community, and has an educational arm to spread knowledge and encourage STEM engagement.

The coolest thing Sabrina has built for fun was a table-top arcade machine! Fully functional and equipped with Donkey Kong and Space invaders!

Sabrina also learned how to fly a plane before driving a car, and she was born and raised in Barcelona, Spain! She is also currently learning Italian and Portuguese.


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