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Unofficial Intern Application Guide

Virtual reality NASA GLENN Lab

Welcome to the unofficial intern guide for applying to the NASA Glenn GVIS Lab! Here you will find advice and other tips to consider while applying to be a part of the Advanced Computing and Visualization Team, which includes the GVIS Team.

Location:  NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH

Focus Areas: AR/VR, 3D Modeling, Data Science, Scientific Computing, Social Media, Technical Writing

Eligibility: Applicants must be either a current student, or a recent graduate

More information about interning with NASA:

Apply directly to our internship application portal: NASA STEM GATEWAY

GVIS Internship Opportunities:

Communications and Outreach for Data Science Efforts at NASA

Outreach Support for Scientific Computing Visualization Lab

Virtual & Augmented Reality Development, 3d modeling

AI and Biomimicry Design Tool for Aerospace – UI and ML

Electrified Aircraft Interactive Visualization at NASA Graphics Lab

Virtual Reality for Ecosystem project

SCaN – 3D SCaN Asset Modeling – SIP

Application Process

So now you’re fully ready to apply – or at least you think you are. Here are the steps we recommend you take, or at least cross-check with, to ensure your application is the best it can be.

STEP 1 Gather Your Materials

It is very important to gather all necessary or informative documents to prepare for the application process. Be sure to look for guidance on what is needed on the NASA Internships Programs page. To prepare for enough time, it is best to acquire these before you begin the application process.

STEP 2 Create a Profile at

The Office of STEM Engagement’s website requires that you create and set up a profile on the site before you can view or apply for our internship. This makes it possible and easy to apply for more than one internship if you choose to!

Pro Tip on Submitting a Resume (and Cover Letter) — As mentioned above, make sure to have your resume ready for submission! In addition to your resume, consider additionally uploading a cover letter which can be very helpful for the application reviewers. If you are aware of the internship position you are applying for, also consider including links to a portfolio site or samples of your work, publications, etc. on the cover sheet.  Keep in mind that there will be sections on the application template to add detail about your work experience, so make sure to describe anything that could be relevant for your application.

Pro Tip on Application Keywords — Keyword searching on intern applications is the main way for mentors to search for students. Make sure to put in good keywords which reference your qualities and past work that might be relevant, or mentors won’t find you!

STEP 3 Time to Search and Apply!

Now that your application is set up, its time to finally apply. This step requires that you search using the intern website for keywords which match your qualifications. Searching things such as “AR”, “VR”, “3D”, “Social Media”, “Technical Writing”, “Outreach” are more likely to populate your results with GVIS-related intern projects, so make sure to do so!

The only step left is to select our internships. Be sure to review your application one more time before you hit “submit”.

STEP 4 Ready, Set, Interview!

Congrats, you’ve officially applied for your internship! Our interview team will be contacting select applicants who seem to be the best fits for our open positions! As a side note, the GVIS and Advanced Computing and Visualization Team is filled with focus area diversity from Data Science to Social Media and 3D Modeling, so don’t worry if you feel your STEM field isn’t perfectly aligned with every single discipline.

Doing some research about NASA and knowing a little bit about Glenn Research Center can come in handy during the interview. Remember to be open and ready to answer each question to the best of your ability. Interviews are meant to get a better understanding of whether you are a great fit for the position, so don’t be nervous! You’ve already made it this far.

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