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CAVE Center Screen

The GRUVE (Glenn Reconfigurable User-interface and Virtual reality Exploration) Lab is predominantly used to analyze data obtained either by computer simulation or from one of NASA Glenn’s research test facilities. A related aspect of data analysis is the extraction of data from images or sequences of images, i.e., image processing and analysis. The extracted data is often used to analyze videos of the various experiments.

The CAVE System

The Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE) is a reconfigurable, fully immersive walk-in virtual reality facility in the GRUVE Lab. The CAVE permits multiple people to view a visualization in 3D together. Powerful projectors and mirrors, in combination with an infrared motion tracking system and active-shutter glasses, allowing viewers to view 3D models and data in perfect perspective. 3D models effectively pop off the screen and remain proportional no matter where the pair of tracking glasses moves in the environment.

One of the unique features of the GRUVE Lab is that it can be driven by either a Windows or Linux compute system, enabling the Team to use the best environment for a given problem and software tool.

Benefits of Large-display 3D Immersive Environments

Software Available in the GRUVE Lab

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