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Acoustics Research

Our mission is to envision, experiment, assess, model, and predict aeroacoustics mechanisms to provide noise reduction tools and technologies for the benefit of all

Our Vision

We are Explorers of Innovative Solutions for a Quieter World

Quieting the Skies

9'x15' Low Speed Wind Tunnel
9’x 15’ Low Speed Wind Tunnel acoustics upgrade reducing background noise enabling decades of noise testing of advanced aircraft propulsion systems

We perform experimental and analytical research to reduce community noise caused by subsonic, supersonic, and advanced air mobility vehicles. Capabilities are maintained to develop and apply diagnostic tools for acoustics, as well as aerodynamics, to predict noise and analyze propulsion systems.  Research is performed in small facilities, such as our Acoustical Testing Lab, as well as larger world-class test facilities including the Aero-Acoustic Propulsion Lab and the 9-foot by 15-foot Low Speed Wind Tunnel (LSWT).

Technical Focus Areas:  Subsonic Aircraft, Supersonic Aircraft, Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), and Electrified/Hybrid Aircraft Propulsion.

Cities need vibrant airports to enable local businesses to thrive, to join the global marketplace, and to draw the world to their doorstep. As airport traffic increases, cities are faced with difficult choices, the health, and quality of life of residents living near airports against the greater good of their region’s economy.

Aircraft noise is a barrier to emerging aviation markets.

Rather than finding ways to live with the noise, we’re conducting the research needed to understand the underlying physics that enables engineers to develop quieter airplanes.

Learn more about our history of innovation and contributions to fundamental aeronautics research:

NASA Glenn’s Contributions to Aircraft Engine Noise Research

The “Apollo” of Aeronautics, NASA’s Aircraft Energy Efficiency Program 1973-1987

Experimental Research

Measurement Technologies

Noise Prediction Software Tools

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NASA Glenn Acoustics is dedicated to solving some of the toughest problems the nation faces in acoustics research. Contact us for more information.

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