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DGEN AeroPropulsion Research Turbofan (DART)

DGEN AeroPropulsion Research Turbofan (DART)

DGEN Aeropropulsion Research Turbofan (DART) is the primary component integrated into the NASA Glenn Research Center’s DGEN Aero-propulsion Research Turbofan (DART). It serves as a flexible, relevant, experimental aeroacoustic and aero-performance test bed, providing valuable information throughout NASA’s technology maturation process for a variety of multidisciplinary research that includes turbofan noise, engine controls, installation effects, and measurement technologies.

Recent tests were completed August 2019 to develop a better understanding of propulsion-noise sources to enable improved turbofan noise-prediction methods and noise-mitigation techniques.  Simultaneous acoustic measurements were obtained using a circumferential infinite-tube-probe array at the core-nozzle exit in conjunction with sideline and farfield microphone arrays. The extensive data set will allow for the application of advanced source-separation and phased-array methods to elucidate not only the core-noise structure, but also the propagation characteristics of other propulsion noise sources.

Recent Publications

Additional accomplishments include supporting the development of MDOF liner concepts that contributed to an evaluation on a flight test and additional publications include:

Additional information on DGEN can be found on the GRC Acoustics Facilities website.

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