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9′ x 15′ Low Speed Wind Tunnel

9' x 15' Low Speed Wind Tunnel
Geared Turbofan Model in 9’x15’ Low Speed Wind Tunnel

Ever hear a low-flying airplane overhead? In the 9- by 15-Foot Low Speed Wind Tunnel, we make noise measurements of aircraft engine models. Instead of the engine model flying past, we move a microphone past a fixed model. The data is just the same though, and we call it a simulated flyover. The 9×15 is a world-class large acoustic wind tunnel for low-speed aircraft component testing. Covering the speed range of 0 to Mach 0.23, it is used for testing engine models at conditions during take-off and landing. Many aircraft engine fans developed by US manufacturers have been tested here for noise, performance and operability.

The facility was recently renovated to reduce background noise to enable testing of future quiet propulsion concepts. This investment by the NASA Aeronautics Mission Directorate resulted in reduced noise and improved acoustic quality, enabling better measurement of quiet test samples.

Take a virtual tour of the 9′ x 15′ Low Speed Wind Tunnel.

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