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Learn systematically from history to predict and shape our future.

The Periodic Table of Life (PeTaL), pronounced petal, is an open-source software tool to enable moving from discovery through design using inspiration from natural systems and human achievement.

PeTaL – AI-Powered Biomimicry Toolkit: Discover how nature solves problems using the power of AI with this research guide.

Contribute to PeTaL on GitHub.

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Project Team

Paht Juangphanich/ NASA Glenn Research Center – Technical Support – Helps team members overcome any technical challenges they face. Background in propulsion system design.

Alex Ralevski –  Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer

Calvin Robinson/ NASA Glenn Research Center – Data Architect – Defines how the data will be stored, consumed, integrated and managed by different data entities and IT systems, as well as any applications using or processing that data in some way.

Brandon Ruffridge/ NASA Glenn Research Center –  Project Manager and Technical Lead

Herb Schilling/ NASA Glenn Research Center – Data Science Lead – Consultant, facilitator, alternate mentor

Vik Shyam/ NASA Glenn Research Center – Principal Investigator NASA Glenn Research Center

Colleen Unsworth/ NASA BIRD PhD Fellow/University of Akron – ,VINE coordinator

Spring 2021 Interns and Contributors

PeTaL 0.4 Prototype

PeTaL 0.3 Prototype

PeTaL 0.2 Prototype

PeTaL 0.1 – R Prototype

Website, app and game development

High school intern team

Jasline Rosario, Delonte Goodman, Shaheed Bankole, Caleb Moore, Wendy Berndt/NASA GRC,

External contributors

Dr. Marjan Eggermont – University of Calgary (Biomole)

Dr. Jacquelyn Nagel – James Madison University (biosearch tool and thesaurus)

Dr. Julian Vincent – trade-off articles to train clustering tool

Dr. Gavin Svenson – Cleveland Museum of Natural History (collections)

Ethan Smith – AskNature

Alex Wolf – na2ure

Advisors – NASA

Timothy Peshek, NASA GRC – In-space power, data analytics

Andrew Trunek, NASA GRC – Materials and ISRU

Lopamudra Das, NASA LaRC –

Funding – new link under PeTaL

Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE) under

NASA GRC Office of Education
Sally Ride Scholarship, SMD/NASA

PeTaL Publications


TitleAuthor(s)SourceTypeDateNTRS Link
PeTaL (Periodic Table of Life) and PhysiomimeticsShyam, Vikram, Friend, Lauren, Whiteaker, Brian, Bense, Nicholas, Dowdall, Jonathan, Boktor, Bishoy, Johny, Manju, Reyes, Isaias, Naser, Angeera, Sakhamuri, Nikhitha, Kravets, Victoria, Calvin, Alexandra, Gabus, Kaylee, Goodman, Delonte, Schilling, Herbert, Robinson, Calvin, Reid II , Robert Omar and Unsworth, ColleenSpecial Issue Advances in Biologically Inspired DesignJournal2019
Biocene 2018Shyam, VikramNASA/TM-2020-220482Technical Memorandum (TM)1-Mar-20NTRS

In Publication

TitleAuthor(s)SourceTypeDateNTRS Link
Clustering tool in PeTaLWhiteaker, Brian A., Shyam, VikramPresentationCOMING SOON

Suggestions for Future Work and Scratch Space

  1. Using PeTaL with BLAST to find biological models using nucleotide sequences. PDF
  2. Measuring tools and apps for data gathering
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