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Optics and Photonics

Our data and instrumentation help designers understand the fundamental physics of new systems, validate aeronautics computational and life models, and improve optical space communications for human and robotic explorations.


Our data leads to improved designs, validation and verification of systems performance, increased communications, safety and security, and reduced design cycle times for many of the core technologies developed at NASA.

Optical Communications

Free Space Communications

Presentation on Space Communications Technology by Dr. Daniel Raible, PhD

Quantum Communications

Video about exciting work in quantum technologies and quantum’s impact in everyday life.

Optical Diagnostics

Flow/Noise Diagnostics

  • Particle imaging Velocimetry (PIV
  • Background Oriented Schlieren
  • Rayleigh Scattering
  • PIV Tomography
  • Combustion diagnostics
  • Raman Diagnostics

Surface Diagnostics

  • Temperature Sensitive Paint
  • Pressure Sensitive Paint
  • Stress Sensitive Film

Engine Icing

  • Light Extinction Tomography
  • Light Extinction Probes
  • Raman Spectroscopy
  • Impedance Sensor

Photonics and Health Monitoring

  • Microwave Blade Tip Clearance & Tip Timing
  • Phosphor Thermography

Luminescence-based Temperature Mapping Sensing Systems by Dr. Jeffrey Eldridge, PhD
  • Smart Coatings for Optical Health Monitoring

Video journal about using the hyperspectral imager to capture water quality data from the NASA Glenn twin otter test aircraft.  


Area POC Phone Resource
Chief Margaret (Meg) L Nazario, PhD 216-433-8665 Publications
Atmospheric Propagation Modeling and Emulation, Quantum Entanglement, Quantum Sensor Arrays Yousef (Joey) Chahine, PhD 216-433-6649 Publications
High-Efficiency Optical Communication Waveforms for Deep Space Applications Jennifer N Downey 216-433-6521 Publications
Phosphor Thermography, Smart Coatings for Optical Health Monitoring Jeffrey I Eldridge, PhD 216-433-6074 Publications
Rayleigh Scattering Amy F. Fagan (Mielke), PhD 216-433-6757 Publications
Pathways Intern Hkhaled Hamil
Rare Earth Spectroscopy, Quantum Optical Materials and Devices, Laser Physics, and Computational Solid-State Physics Daniel Hart, PhD 216-433-2967 Publications
Single-Photon Detectors, Quantum Entanglement, Pulsed photon Pairs, Quantum Sensor Arrays Evan J Katz, PhD 216-433-6557 Publications
Quantum Entanglement, Pulsed photon Pairs, Quantum Sensor Arrays, Self diagnostic Accelerometer, Hyperspectral Imaging John Lekki, Ph.D. 216-433-5650 Publications
High Data Rate for Deep Space & Near Earth Daniel Raible, PhD 216-433-3367 Publications
Photonic Lanterns, Single-Photon Detectors, Atmospheric Propagation Modeling and Emulation Sarah (Sadie) Tedder, PhD 216-433-6591 Publications
Self-diagnostic Accelerometer, Hyperspectral Imaging Roger Tokars 216-433-8771 Publications
PIV Tomography, Background Oriented Schlieren, Particle imaging Velocimetry (PIV), Raman Diagnostics Mark P. Wernet, PhD 216-433-3752 Publications
Quantum Optical Devices, Quantum Information Systems Nathaniel C Wilson 216-433-3148 Publications
Optical Communications and Optical Modeling Adam Wroblewski, PhD 216-433-3816 Publications
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