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Propellant Technologies: A Persuasive Wave of Future Propulsion Benefits

Presented to the Third International Symposium on Space Propulsion in Beijing, China

Bryan Palaszewski, NASA Lewis Research Center, USA
Dr. Leonid S. Ianovski, Central Institute of Aviation Motors, Russia
Dr. Patrick Carrick, USAF Phillips Laboratory, USA


The World and the Future

Why Propellant Technologies?

The Technologies

Why Monopropellants?

Monopropellant Benefits

Propellant and Engine Testing

Propulsion System Implications

Alternative Hydrocarbons

Alternative Hydrocarbons: Airbreathing Vehicles

Gelled Hydrogen

SSTO with Gelled Propellants

Metallized Gelled Propulsion

Metal additives are suspended in gelled fuel and they undergo combustion with oxidizer.

Oxidizer Fuel Metal
O2 H2 A1
O2 Hydrocarbon A1

Why Gelled Propellants?

Gelled Propellants graph

Metallized Gelled Propellants: Past Work

O2/RP-1/Al Liquid Rocket Booster for STS

High Energy Density Propellants: Vision

Advanced Space Transportation Program

Advanced Fuels: Research Plan

Advanced fuels research plan graph

High Energy Density Propellants

Proposed Experiments


Many benefits are possible, so lets do it!

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