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Advanced Fuels

Monopropellants, Alternative Hydrocarbons, and High Energy Density Materials

Presentation to the Ninth Annual NASA-JPL Advanced Space Propulsion Research Workshop and Conference Jet Propulsion Laboratory Pasadena, CA

Bryan Palaszewski
NASA Lewis Research Center
Cleveland, OH
March 11-13, 1998

Alternative Hydrocarbons


SBIR Phase II – Orbital Technologies Corporation (Orbitec) and SRI

SBIR Phase I – Argonide Corporation

Fuel Combustion Testing

Advanced Space Transportation Program – Advanced Fuels

Applications, and Research Directions

The National Team

Links to Related NASA Lewis Projects

High Energy Density Propellants


Proposed Experiments


Launch Vehicle Performance with Solid Particle Feed Systems for Atomic Propellants

Advanced Space Transportation Program

Other Applications

Other Transportation related areas:

Navy Monopropellant


Simplified Injector Face Diagram

Alternative Hydrocarbon Testing

  • 4-element design shown, 8 element also used
  • Mutually perpendicular elements
  • Doublet element shown, but triplets are a more likely selection
  • O2 /H2 Igniter is centrally located
  • Injector diameters are 2.05 and 2.6 inches, standards used at NASA Lewis
  • Heat sink (copper) or calorimeter chambers (stainless steel) used
  • Low thrust level (20 to 30 lbf) planned due to the small amounts of propellant available
Notional Injector Face
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