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CEA Application Info


The NASA Glenn thermodynamic database was developed for use with computer programs that require standard state thermodynamic properties of individual species. NASA Glenn’s computer code CEA (Chemical Equilibrium with Applications) uses these data, documented in:

NASA report TP-2002-211556, “NASA Glenn Coefficients for Calculating Thermodynamic Properties of Individual Species,” by B.J. McBride, M.J. Zehe, and S. Gordon. September 2002.

ThermoBuild includes an option for generating tables of thermodynamic functions for a user-supplied temperature schedule. This feature is a version of the CAP (Coefficients and Properties) computer program with a web-based interface. CAP is documented in:

NASA TP-2001-210959, “CAP: A Computer Code for Generation Tabular Thermodynamic Functions from NASA Lewis Coefficients,” by M.J. Zehe, S. Gordon, and B.J. McBride, October 2001.

ThermoBuild includes an option that facilitates downloading a subset of these data. The complete database is available when requesting the CEA program.

Partial data references are given with the coefficient data, usually depicted by the author’s last name and year of publication. An exception is for the TRC (Thermodynamic Research Center) looseleaf tables, where the table code and dates are given. Complete references are given here.

ThermoBuild Tool

ThermoBuild is an interactive tool that uses the NASA Glenn thermodynamic database to select species and to obtain:

  1. Tables of thermodynamic properties for a user-supplied temperature schedule.
  2. Data subsets for use in CEA, SUBEQ, or any other computer program.

To generate a data subset go to the ThermoBuild Tool

CAP (Coefficients and Properties)

The program CAP (Coefficients And Properties) generates tables of thermodynamic functions for individual species from thermodynamic data in the NASA format. These data may be copied from any source in the NASA format. The following report documents the program:

PAC (Properties and Coefficients)

The program PAC (Properties And Coefficients) is used to prepare input thermodynamic data in the format required by CEA, from gas-phase spectroscopic constants or tabulated literature data. The program may be used for revising or expanding the database distributed with CEA. PAC is documented in the following NASA reports:


We continually try to improve the online web-based user interface for CEARUN. We continue to request and review any issues/comments you may have while using this application. We will review these comments and consider them for inclusion. Thank you for using CEARUN and your contributions to this improvement effort.



CEA can be requested from the NASA software catalog:

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