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NASA researchers are continuously pushing boundaries on Electrified Aircraft Propulsion technology. Find below a collection of this knowledge, and be sure to check back for more as we continue to learn and explore. 

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Recommended EAP Publications

“Heat Flux Requirements for Electrified Aircraft Wing Anti-Ice Systems”Heerseman/a
“Computational Evaluation of an OML-based Heat Exchanger Concept for HEATheR”Sozer, et al.31 July, 2020
“Assessment of the Impact of an Advanced Power System on a Turboelectric Single-Aisle Concept Aircraft”Schnulo et al.28 July, 2020
“Electromagnetic Redesign of NASA’s High Efficiency Megawatt Motor”Tallerico et al.16 July, 2020
“Development of a Thermal Management System for Electrified Aircraft”Chapman, et al.01 March, 2020
“Progress Toward the Critical Design of the Superconducting Rotor for NASA’s 1.4 MW High-Efficiency Electric Machine”Scheidler et al.24 August, 2019
“Thermal Analysis of Potted Litz Wire for High-Power-Density Aerospace Electric Machines”Woodworth et al.22 August, 2019
“High Efficiency Megawatt Motor Preliminary Design”Jansen et al.22 August, 2019
“High Efficiency Megawatt Machine Rotating Cryocooler Conceptual Design”Dyson et al.22 August, 2019
"Progress Toward the Critical Design of the Superconducting Rotor for NASA’s 1.4 MW High-Efficiency Electric Machine"Scheidler et al.22 August, 2019
"An Approach for Utilizing Power Flow Modeling for Simulations of Hybrid Electric Propulsion Systems"Chapman, Litt01 October, 2018
"Turboelectric and Hybrid Electric Aircraft Drive Key Performance Parameters"Duffy and Jansen13 July, 2018
"Turbo- and Hybrid-Electrified Aircraft Propulsion Concepts for Commercial Transport"Bowman and Felder12 July, 2018
"NASA Electric Aircraft Testbed (NEAT) Single-Aisle Transport Air Vehicle Hybrid Electric Tail-Cone Thruster Powertrain Configuration and Test Results"Dyson12 July, 2018
"Multidisciplinary Optimization of Urban-Air-Mobility Class Aircraft Trajectories with Acoustic Constraints"Falck, Ingraham, Aretskin-Hariton12 July, 2018
"Creating a Multifunctional Composite Stator Slot Material System to Enable High Power Density Electric Machines for Electrified Aircraft Applications"Woodworth et al.12 July, 2018
“Design, Fabrication, and Critical Current Testing of No-Insulation Superconducting Rotor Coils for NASA’s 1.4 MW High-Efficiency Megawatt Motor”Scheidler and Tallerico12 July, 2018
"Novel Thermal Energy Conversion Technologies for Advanced Electric Air Vehicles"Dyson et al.12 July, 2018
"NASA’s Magnetic Gearing Research for Electrified Aircraft Propulsion"Scheidler, Asnani, Tallerico12 July, 2018
"A Review of Distributed Electric Propulsion Concepts for Air Vehicle Technology"Hyun, Perry, Phillip12 July, 2018
"Dynamic Analysis of the hFan, a Parallel Hybrid Electric Turbofan Engine"Thomas et al.11 July, 2018
"High Efficiency Megawatt Motor Conceptual Design"Jansen et al.10 July, 2018
"Preliminary Design of the Superconducting Rotor for NASA’s High-Efficiency Megawatt Motor"Scheidler10 July, 2018
"Modeling and Control Design for a Turboelectric Single Aisle Aircraft Propulsion System"Connolly et al.09 July, 2018
"Turbine Electrified Energy Management (TEEM) For Enabling More Efficient Engine Designs"Culley, Kratz, Thomas09 July, 2018
"A Generalized Power System Architecture Sizing and Analysis Framework"Sadey et al.07 July, 2018
"Aerodynamic Shape Organization of the STARC-ABL Concept for Minimal Inlet Distortion"Kenway et al.11 January, 2018
"Design and Development of a 200-kW Turbo-electric Distributed Propulsion Testbed"Papathakis et al.31 January, 2017

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