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Development and Advancement of Lunar Instrumentation (DALI)

An Extra Terrestrial Regolith Analyzer for Lunar Soil (XTRA)

Fixed Lander or Rover.

Seismometer for a Lunar Network (SLN)

Lander or Rover

Maturation of the Potassium-Argon Laser Experiment (KArLE)

Lander or Rover

Electrostatic Dust Analyxer (EDA) for Exploraing Dust Transport Processes on the Lunar Surface


Maturation of the Bulk Elemental Composition Analyzer (BECA) for Surface and Sub-surface Lunar Studies

Both Lunar and Rover

Atomic Lunar Seismometer

Lander deployment

Submillimeter Solar Observation Lunar Volatiles Experiment (SSOLVE)

Lander; adaptable to Orbiter

Lunar Environment Monitoring Station (LEMS)

Lander, Rover (commercial or scientific missions)

Characterization of Regolith and Trace Economic Resources (CRATER)

The CRATER investigation, which is suited for deplyment on a variety of commercial lunar lander concepts, is sufficiently versatile to be adopted for future lander/rover concepts

An Ultra-Compact Imaging Spectrometer for the Lunar Surface: Enabling Volatile Mapping and Unraveling the Moon’s Geologic History

Lander or Rover

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