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Planetary Instrument Concepts for the Advancement of Solar System Observations (PICASSO)

Ice giants net flux radiometer focal plane assembly developed using PICASSO funding.

Typical Solicitation Timeline:

  • ROSES solicitation release – February
  • No Due Date (NoDD) – Proposals can be submitted anytime
  • Step-1 or NOI – Not required
  • Panel Reviews – Throughout the year

Solicitation Overview:

  • PICASSO program supports the development of spacecraft-based instrument hardware that would enhance or enable the scientific return from future planetary missions, e.g., SIMPLEx, Discovery, New Frontiers, Mars Exploration, and other planetary programs, including those flown on commercial spacecraft.
    • New proof-of-concept instruments, systems or components, including sampling technologies, that significantly improve instrument measurement capabilities to address high priority science goals of planetary missions.
  • PICASSO program objective is to develop and mature low size, weight and power instruments or instrument technologies with entry Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 1-3. TRL >4+ advancement is made through the Maturation of Instruments for Solar System Exploration (MatISSE) Program.

Project InfoInstrument/PlatformInstrument/Technology TypeActivity_1st_YrPI_InstitutionPI_LNamePI_FNameActivity_Title
PICASSOInstrumentThermal Detector2024University of California, IrvineLeeJaehoHoley Silicon-based Thermopiles for High-Sensitivity Broadband Thermal Detection
PICASSOInstrumentLIDAR2023NASA Goddard Space Flight CenterCremonsDanielTunable Mid-Infrared Spectroscopic Imaging Lidar for 4D Volatile Mapping
PICASSOInstrumentElectron Source2023GSFCLimLucyA Robust Electron Source for a Miniaturized Electron Probe for In Situ Elemental Microanalysis
PICASSOInstrumentMössbauer and XRF system2023JPLScottValerieSpectral Instruments for Research in Geochemistry - SInRG
PICASSOInstrumentInfrared Filter2023Ball AerospaceSchindhelmRebeccaA Selective High-Resolution Metamaterial Filter for Infrared Spectroscopy
PICASSOInstrumentInfrasound Sensor2023JPLBar-CohenYosephDeployable Infrasonic Sensor Array (DISA) for Venus Geophysical Studies
PICASSOInstrumentNuclear Spectrometer2023NASA Goddard Space Flight CenterParsonsAnnINSPECT3R: In Situ Nuclear Spectrometer with 3D Resolution
PICASSOInstrumentInfrared Imager2023JPLSoibelAlexFaceted Mirror Multiband Imager
PICASSOInstrumentSpatial Heterodyne EUV Interferometer2023U. ArizonaCorlissJasonExtending High Sensitivity Velocity Resolved Measurements of Solar System Dynamics into the EUV. Advancement of the Spatial Heterodyne EUV Interferometer (SHEUVI)
PICASSOInstrumentPhotothermal Spectrometer2022University of Central FloridaBrissetJulieORIGINS: Photothermal Spectroscopy for Planetary Sciences
PICASSOInstrumentHybrid Instrument using flurescence and Raman Spectrometer, LIBS2022University of VirginiaGuptaMoolA Miniaturized, Multifunctional, Microscopic Organic/Inorganic Composition Analytical Probe for Planetary in situ Spectroscopy (MOCAPS)
PICASSOInstrumentDrilling technology2022Honeybee RoboticsBywatersKathrynOptiDrill: The next-generation instrumented drill
PICASSOInstrumentWide Band Gap Detector2022NASA GSFC Code 553HewagamaTilakPReSSiC: Planetary Remote Sensing using SiC detectors
PICASSOInstrumentRadar2022Jet Propulsion LaboratoryTangAdrianCMOS Digital Ground Penetrating Radar with Hardware Embedded Artificial Intelligence for Sub-Surface Exploration
PICASSOInstrumentLaser2022NASA Langley Research CenterCampbellJoel2-um high-power, high repetition rate pulsed fiber laser for lidar Martian atmospheric CO2 and pressure profiling
PICASSOInstrumentRaman spectrometer2021University of Central FloridaBennettChristopherSpectroscopy, the Next Generation: A Prototype Remote Temporal 3D-IR Raman Spectrometer for Planetary Science
PICASSOInstrumentSubmillimeter spectrometer2021Jet Propulsion LaboratoryMehdiImranSubmillimeter-wave Line-spectrometer for Isotopologue Measurements (SUBLIME)
PICASSOInstrumentX-ray Optic2021smithsonian astrophysical observatoryRomaineSuzanneAdvancing Miniature Lightweight X-ray Optics for Solar System Exploration
PICASSOInstrumentIon Sensor2021JPLNoellAaronFlexible Ion Sensing Array (FISA)
PICASSOInstrumentQuantum magnetometer2021JPL/CalTechKrausHannesOptically Pumped Solid-State Quantum Magnetometer OPuS-MAGNM
PICASSOInstrumentQuantum dot sensor2021NASA Goddard Space Flight CenterSultanaMahmoodaVolatile-sensing Array for Planetary Onsite Research (VAPOR)
PICASSOInstrumentFUV fiber optics2021University of ColoradoFlemingBrianFar-Ultraviolet Guiding Fiber Optics for Future Planetary Science Missions
PICASSOInstrumentFluidic lipid extractor system2021NASA Ames Research CenterWilhelmMary BethKAMELOT: Kerogen And Macromolecule Extractor Liberating Organics Thermolytically
PICASSOInstrumentUV laser2021Southwest Research InstituteMooreThomasSolid-State CW Deep UV Laser Source for Planetary Science Instruments
PICASSOInstrumentQuadrapole mass spectrometer2021Jet Propulsion LaboratoryNemchickDeaconQuadrupole Ion Trap - Vibrational Action Spectroscopy (QIT-VAS) for Identification of Biomolecules
PICASSOInstrumentNanopore technology2021Montana State UniversityForemanChristineTesting Solid-State Nanopore Technology for Detecting DNA and RNA in Laboratory and Field Experiments: Icy World Analogs
PICASSOInstrumentOrganics sample trap2021Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyBourouibaLydiaBubble-based Ocean-worlds Organics Sample Trap (BOOST)
PICASSO (PLANET)InstrumentLaser-induced fluorescence (LIF) and microchip capillary electrophoresis (µCE) 2020Georgia Institute of TechnologyStocktonAmandaQuantitative Compositional Analysis of Organic and Inorganic Chemical Species on an Icy Moon Penetrator Organic Analyzer
PICASSOInstrumentLIDAR2020GSFCAbshireJamesSmall Lidar for Profiling Water Vapor and Winds from Planetary Landers
PICASSOInstrumentThermal conductance sensor2020GSFCKennedyRobertSoil Properties Assessment Resistance and Thermal Analysis (SPARTA)
PICASSOInstrumentWide Band Gap Detector2020GSFCBowerDinaUltra-Violet Detector Innovation for Raman Exploration and CharacTerization (UV-DIRECT) of Ocean Worlds
PICASSOInstrumentLIBS and Raman Spectrometer2020GSFCGrubisicAndrejRAMS: RAman-Mass Spectrometer for planetary exploration
PICASSOInstrumentGas chromotography and fluorescence spectroscopy2020ARCSummersDavidDetection of Organics by Gas Chromatography/Gas Phase Fluorescence (GC/GPF)
PICASSOInstrumentUV-VIS silicon detector2020JPLNikzadShoulehUV/Visible Photon Counting and Imaging Silicon Detectors for Planetary Science Instruments
PICASSOInstrumentSeisometer2020ASUDaiLenoreDevelopment of a Rugged Seismometer for Venus Surface Deployment
PICASSOInstrumentRaman sensor2020University of KansasMarshallPatrickA feasibility study of Raman optical activity for the detection and discrimination of chiral biological compounds for planetary science instrumentation
PICASSOInstrumentMid-IR sensor2020Nanohmics IncMannChrisAn ultra-compact midwave hyperspectral framing camera
PICASSOInstrumentXRD and XRF2020SETISarrazinPhilippeMicro-Sampling System for Mineralogical Instruments
PICASSOInstrumentMicrowave radiometer2020Southwest Research InstituteBoltonScottDeep Atmosphere Microwave Radiometer for Ice-Giant Exploration
PICASSOInstrumenthigh temperature visible phodiode sensor2019Ohio Aerospace InstituteBalcerskiJeffreyVenus In-Situ Surface Imager
PICASSOInstrumentElastic wave analyzer2019JPLBar-CohenYosephElastic wave analyzer for icy sub-surfaces (EWAIS) in the solar system
PICASSOInstrumentThemal sensor2019JPLRais-ZadehMinaRadiation Hard and High Temperature Tolerant Thermal Imagers (HOT IR)
PICASSOInstrumentMid-IR sensor2019GSFCYuAnthonyPhotonic Integrated Circuit TUned for Reconnaissance and Exploration (PICTURE)
PICASSOInstrumentOrganic extractor system2019JPLZhongFangIn-Situ Organic Extraction, Separation and Detection using Supercritical CO2 and Superheated Water
PICASSOInstrumentMass spectrometer2019Duke UniversityAmsdenJasonA high-resolution, large mass range cycloidal sector coded aperture miniature mass spectrometer for planetary exploration
PICASSOInstrumentRaman spectrometer2019U. South CarolinaAngelStanleyCompact, Robust Spatial Heterodyne Raman Spectrometer for Planetary Exploration
PICASSOInstrumentLife detection sensor2019Georgia Institute of TechnologyCarrChristopherElectronic Life-detection Instrument for Enceladus/Europa (ELIE)
PICASSOInstrumentNeutron spectrometer2019University of Maryland, College ParkClarkCharlesDOWSER: Detecting Objects' Water from Spatial Epithermal-neutron Response
PICASSOInstrumentfar-UV spectrometer2019Planetary Science InstituteHendrixAmandaA Far-UV Micromirror Integral Field Spectrograph for Planetary Science
PICASSOInstrumentLaser vibrometer2018Colorado School of MinesSavaPaulSeismic Orbital Laser VibrometEr (SOLVE)
PICASSOInstrumentMid-IR sensor2018NASA GSFCSunXiaoliLinear Mode Photon Counting HgCdTe Avalanche Photodiode Arrays for Multi-beam Laser Altimeters
PICASSOInstrumentTunable laser spectrometer2018JPLWebsterChrisSubtraction Imaging as a Game-Changer for Planetary Tunable Laser Spectrometer Performance
PICASSOInstrumentSeisometer2018JPLYeeKarlUniversal MEMS Seismometer
PICASSOInstrumentNet Flux Radiometer2018NASA GSFCAslamShahidAdvanced Net Flux Radiometer Focal Plane Assembly for Ice Giants
PICASSOInstrumentDual band millimeter sensor2018JPLDrouinBrianTwo Spectrometers on a Chip
PICASSOInstrumentLaser comb spectrometer2018Jet Propulsion LaboratoryBagheriMahmoodElectrically pumped mid-IR optical frequency combs for dual frequency spectroscopy
PICASSOInstrumentMillimeter/submillimeter hetrodyne sensor2018University of MarylandDrewHowardA millimeter/submillimeter heterodyne sensor for spectroscopy and imaging of cold planetary objects in the outer solar system
PICASSOInstrumentFar-UV silicon imager2018Southwest Research InstituteMolyneuxPhliippaDevelopment of far-UV-sensitive silicon imaging arrays for compact UV instrumentation
PICASSOInstrumentElectrostatic collection system2018University of MarylandHartzellChristineIn-Situ Cohesion Quantification and Sample Collection Through Electrostatic Lofting
PICASSOInstrumentTomography system2018SETI InstituteObbardRachelMars In Situ Tomography System (MISTS) Development for Characterizing the Stratigraphy of Polar Layered Deposits
PICASSOInstrumentMass spectrometer2018University of MarylandArevaloRicardoMiniaturized Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer (ICPMS) for Trace Element Analysis
PICASSOInstrumentDrilling system2018HoneybeeZacnyKrisSLUSH: Thermo-Mechanical Deep Drilling System for Ocean Worlds and Mars
PICASSOInstrumentSaltation sensor2018Cornell UniversityBanfieldDonaldSaltation Sensor

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