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PESTO Strategic Directed Funding

Entry Systems Modeling

The Entry Systems Modeling (ESM) project is an SMD co-funded effort with STMD to develop mission-focused models and simulation tools that improve performance, reduce risk, and enable new capabilities for planetary entry, descent, and landing (EDL) across the Solar System. The modeling products resulting from ESM activities have been infused into NASA’s spaceflight missions that require EDL – Orion/Artemis, Mars 2020, Mars Sample Return Earth Entry System (MSR-EES) and Sample Retrieval Lander (MSR-SRL), Dragonfly, and DAVINCI.

Global Reference Atmospheric Model Suite

Global Reference Atmospheric Model (GRAM) project is an SMD-funded effort to develop the latest generalized planetary atmosphere models that can be used for scientific analysis and mission planning. GRAM is used by many Entry, Descent, and Landing and Aerocapture proposals, and is also used by active flight/development projects like MAVEN, OSIRIS, Mars Sample Return Campaign (specifically Mars Launch System (MSL), Earth Entry System (EES), and Sample Retrieval Lander).​

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