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Maturation of Instruments for Solar System Exploration (MatISSE)

NASA Dragonfly
NASA Dragonfly:
The DraMS (mass spectrometer) and DraGNS (Gamma-Ray and Neutron Spectrometer) Instruments have heritage from the MatISSE program

Typical Solicitation Timeline (every EVEN year ’20, ’22, ‘24):

  • ROSES Solicitation Release – February
  • Step 1 Proposals Submitted – April
  • Step 2 Proposals Submitted – July
  • Panel Reviews – September

Solicitation Overview:

  • MatISSE supports the development of spacecraft-based instruments for use on future planetary missions (all destinations except lunar)
  • The MatISSE program goal is to develop science instruments to the point where they may be proposed to future flight opportunity announcements (i.e. SIMPLEx, Discovery, New Frontiers, Mars Exploration, and other planetary programs, including those flown on commercial spacecraft) without additional technology development
    • MatISSE supports TRL maturation from TRL 4 to TRL 6
  • MatISSE seeks to mature instruments that support Planetary Science Division’s strategic goals and objectives
Project InfoInstrument TypeActivity_1st_YrPI_Institution PI_LName PI_FName Activity_Title
MatISSE2023NASA/GSFCBrinckerhoffWilliamExtraterrestrial Molecular Indicators of Life Investigation (EMILI)??? Europan Molecular Indicators of Life Investigation (EMILI)
MatISSELuminescence Imager2023NASA Ames Research CenterQuinnRichardLuminescence Imager for Exploration
MatISSESaltation sensor2023NASA AMES RESEARCH CENTERBanfieldDonSaltation Sensor to TRL6??? Saltation Sensor to TRL6
MatISSESeismometer2023THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONADellaGiustinaDaniellaSeismometer to Investigate Interior Asteroid Structure
MatISSEUV Spectrometer2023Planetary Science InstituteHendrixAmandaUMIS: The Ultraviolet Micromirror Imaging Spectrograph??? UMIS: The Ultraviolet Micromirror Imaging Spectrograph
MatISSEMass Spectrometer2021USRASouthardAdrianAdvanced Resolution Organic Molecular Analyzer
MatISSEGravitometer2021Jet Propulsion LaboratoryYuNanAtomic drag-free accelerometer for non-gravitational forces in radiometric orbit determination and planetary science measurements
MatISSEAnemometer2021NASA AmesBanfieldDonMars Sonic Anemometer
MatISSEIR Imager2021Jet Propulsion LaboratoryKenyonMattNext-generation cold object radiometer
MatISSEIR Spectrometer2021NASA Goddard Space Flight CenterAndersonCarrieV-WiSHeS: Venus Wideband Submillimeter Heterodyne Spectrometer
MatISSEChromatography2019University Of Texas, ArlingtonDasguptaPurnenduIon/Liquid Chromatography for Exploration of Solar System (ILCESS)
MatISSETerahertz Spectrometer2019Jet Propulsion LaboratoryChattopadhyayGoutamWater Hunting Advanced Terahertz Spectrometer on a Ultra-small Platform (WHATSUP)
MatISSEGravitometer2019University of MarylandPaikHo JungSuperconducting Gravity Gradiometer for Planetary Dynamics
MatISSERadar2019University Of ArizonaCarterLynnSpace Exploration Synthetic Aperture Radar (SESAR): A Digital Beamforming Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar for Subsurface Imaging
MatISSELidar2019NASA Goddard Space Flight CenterSunXiaoliSwath Mapping Lidar with Fiber Lasers and PN Code Modulation
MatISSE2019SETI InstituteSobronPabloIn-situ Spectroscopic Europa Explorer (iSEE)
MatISSEIR Spectrometer2019Southwest Research InstituteRafkinScotMaturation of a Hypertunable IR Laser Spectrometer for In Situ Planetary Exploration
MatISSERadar2019Jet Propulsion LaboratoryCooperKenWASSR: WAter-vapor Sounding Short-range Radar for mapping local atmospheric humidity over the Martian surface from an in situ platform

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