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Hot Operating Temperature Technology (HOTTech)

SiC Memory Chip
SiC Memory Chip: 120-bit RAM ∼1000 SiC JFETs 4.65 x 4.65 mm chip
32 I/O Bond pads

Last Solicitation Timeline:

ROSES Solicitation Release – February 2021

Step 1 Proposals Submitted – June 2021

Step 2 Proposals Submitted – August 2021

Panel Reviews – October 2021

Solicitation Overview:

HOTTech supports the advanced development of technologies for the robotic exploration of high-temperature environments such as the Venus surface, Mercury, or the deep atmosphere of Gas Giants

The goal of the program is to develop and mature technologies that will enable, significantly enhance, or reduce technical risk for in-situ missions to high-temperature environments with temperatures of 500 Celsius for a period of at least 60 days

  • Radio Frequency (RF) Components or Systems (>100 MHz)
  • Power Transistors/Electronics (>1000 mA)
  • Passive Electronic Components (capacitors, inductors, resistors)
  • Low-Power Electrical Circuits (<1000 mW)
  • Actuators/Motors and associated Lubrication Systems
  • Energy Storage/Batteries/Power Harvesting
  • Sensors/Imaging Cameras

Specific technology readiness levels (TRLs) were not prescribed in the last HOTTech solicitation

Project InfoInstrument/PlatformInstrument/Technology TypeActivity_1st_YrPI_InstitutionPI_LNamePI_FNameActivity_Title
HOTTECHPlatformElectronics2023NASA Glenn Research CenterCenteno-GomezDianaHOTTech-21 Electronics Fabrication Restoration
HOTTECHPlatformActuator2022Honeybee Robotics Spacecraft Mechanisms CorporationMummErikA Venus Durable Actuator and Electronics System
HOTTECHPlatformElectronics2022University of PittsburghOhodnickiPaulAdvanced Co-Based Nanocrystalline Soft Magnetics for Extreme Temperature Inductor Applications
HOTTECHPlatformElectronics2022InnoSys, Inc.SadwickLaurenceA High Temperature Transmitter for Venus Surface Environment
HOTTECHPlatformSensor2022GE ResearchAndarawisEmadHigh Temperature UV near field Imager
HOTTECHPlatformSensor2022NASA Glenn Research CenterKremicTiborHigh-Temperature MEMS based Venus seismometer
HOTTECHPlatformMemory2022NASA Glenn Research CenterNeudeckPhilNon-Volatile, Low Power, and High Density SiC Memory For Future Venus Missions
HOTTECHPlatformPower2022Jet Propulsion LaboratorySchwartzJoelVenus Surface Solar Array
HOTTECHPlatformPower2017Johns Hopkins Univ. / Applied Physics LabPaulMichaelHot Operating Temperature Lithium combustion IN situ Energy and Power System (HOTLINE Power System)
HOTTECHPlatformElectronics2017Makel Engineering, Inc.MakelDarbySiC Electronics To Enable Long-Lived Chemical Sensor Measurements at the Venus Surface
HOTTECHPlatformElectronics2017BoeingPeltzLeoraField Emission Vacuum Electronic Devices for Operation above 500 degrees Celsius
HOTTECHPlatformElectronics2017Arizona State UniversityNemanichRobertHigh Temperature Diamond Electronics for Actuators and Sensors
HOTTECHPlatformPower2017University of DaytonKumarJitendraHigh Energy, Long Cycle Life, and Extreme Temperature Lithium-Sulfur Battery for Venus Missions
HOTTECHPlatformElectronics2017Arizona State UniversityZhaoYujiHigh Temperature GaN Microprocessor for Space Applications
HOTTECHPlatformPower2017Jet Propulsion LaboratoryBuggaRatnakumarHigh Temperature-resilient And Long-Life (HiTALL) Primary Batteries for Venus and Mercury Surface Missions
HOTTECHPlatformMemory2017NASA Glenn Research CenterNeudeckPhilHigh Temperature Memory Electronics for Long-Lived Venus Missions
HOTTECHPlatformPower2017Jet Propulsion LaboratoryGrandidierJonathanLow Intensity High Temperature (LIHT) Solar Cells for Venus Exploration Mission
HOTTECHPlatformElectronics2017Stanford UniversitySeneskyDebbiePassively Compensated Low-Power Chip-Scale Clocks for Wireless Communication in Harsh Environments
HOTTECHPlatformActuators2017Honeybee RoboticsZacnyKrisDevelopment of a TRL6 Electric Motor and Position Sensor for Venus
HOTTECHPlatformElectronics2017University of ArkansasAngSimon500°C Capable, Weather-Resistant Electronics Packaging for Extreme Environment Exploration

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