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No Cost Extension (NCE) Guidelines

No- Cost Extensions

A No- Cost Extension (NCE) can extend the project period of performance if the project has encountered any delays (i.e supply- chain issues, pandemics or other issues that hinder your ability to complete the project on time).  An NCE does not include any additional funds.

For Grants:  access the NCE request form:

Written notifications requesting an extension must include supporting reasons and a progress report.  The NCE must be received by the NASA Grant officer at least 10 days prior to the last day of the period of performance.  The first No- Cost Extension will be automatically approved with the request form.  Subsequent NCEs will require Program Officer approval.

See the Information for PIs for information that should be included in your progress report. [link- Reporting Guideline Progress Report]

For NASA centers or JPL: please submit a No Cost Extension request through your Program Officer before the end of the period of performance.  You should also include supporting reasons and a progress report when asking for an NCE.

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