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FLEX-Italian Combustion Experiment for Green Air (FLEX-ICE-GA)

FLEX-ICE-GA Quad Chart

The FLEX-Italian Combustion Experiment for Green Air will test surrogate fuels as defined by the Italian Space Agency (ASI) within the CIR in the FLEX-2 configuration. A collaborative agreement between U.S. and Italian scientists from the Italian National Research Council–Istituto Motori will allow collaboration on research into biologically derived fuels (bio-fuels) in an investigation into new, green energy sources. Researchers from the NRC–Istituto Motori have identified the fuels to be used as 50–50 mixtures of n-heptane/ethanol and 50–50 n-hexanol/n-decane.

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Contact Information

PI Team: Patrizio Massoli, Istituto Motori of Italian National Research Center (CNR), Napoli
PS: Dr. Daniel Dietrich, NASA GRC
PM: J. Mark Hickman, NASA GRC
Engineering Team: ZIN Technologies, Inc.

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