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Physical Sensors

Innovative harsh environment physical sensing and instrumentation technologies are under development by NASA Glenn Research Center to pioneer the future in space exploration, scientific discovery, and aeronautics research.

Novel Thin Film Sensors

Developing Robust Thin Film Sensors with Ceramic, Laminate and Nanostructured Materials onto Complex Components

Multilayered Ceramic Sensor
A Multilayered ceramic sensor for reading multiple parameters in extereme environments. Credit: NASA GRC.

NASA Glenn Research Center (GRC) has an in-house effort to develop thin film sensors for surface measurement in propulsion system research. The sensors include those for strain, temperature, heat flux and surface flow, which will enable critical vehicle health monitoring and characterization of components of future space and air vehicles.  This technology can also be applied to characterize the harsh envrionments on planetary surfaces.

The use of sensors made of thin films has several advantages over wire or foil sensors. Thin film sensors do not require special machining of the components on which they are mounted, and, with thicknesses less than 10 μm, they are considerably thinner than wire, foils, or spray-on sensors.  Thin film sensors are much less disturbing to the operating environment, therefore having a minimal impact on the physical characteristics of the supporting components.


Development of a Venus Surface Wind SensorCleveland, OHMay 2022NTRS

NESC Academy

Design and operation of a fast, thin-film thermocouple probe on a turbine engineCleveland, OHJuly 2014NTRS
Thin Film Heat Flux Sensors: Design and MethodologyCleveland, OHMay 2013NTRS
Novel Thin Film Sensor Technology for Turbine Engine Hot Section ComponentsBaltimore, MDJune 2007NTRS
Thin Film Ceramic Strain Sensor Development for Harsh EnvironmentsTulsa, OKMay 2007NTRS

Technology Portfolio

High-Temperature-Thin-Film-Sensor High-Temperature Thin Film Multifunctional Sensor

A microfabricated thin-film sensor to measure multiple parameters in high-temperature aerospace environments that is minimally intrusive to the system.

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Thin Film Heat Flux Sensor Thin-Film Heat Flux Sensor (Improved Design)

A new design for a thin film heat flux sensor utilizing a Wheatstone bridge is easier to fabricate, has a larger signal, and is more easily scalable than previous designs.

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emperature Probe for Measuring up to 2400 °C Temperature Probe for Measuring up to 2400 °C

This technology is for a probe that uses multi-wavelengths to measure very high temperatures, from 1380 °C up to 2400 °C. The ability to withstand higher temperatures and oxidizing atmospheres translates into extended lifetimes even during operation in less severe conditions.

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Thin Film Air Mass Flow Sensor  Thin Film Air Mass Flow Sensor

This technology uses thin film resistance temperature detectors in a bridge arrangement to measure air mass flow rate with minimal disruption of the flow.

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High-Temperature Thin-Film Strain Gauges High-Temperature Thin-Film Strain Gauges

The NASA Glenn Research Center has developed high-temperature thin-film strain gauges, which are miniature and deposited directly on the test articles. These sputter-deposited thin-film resistance strain gauges can provide minimally intrusive surface strain measurements in the temperature range from ambient up to 1100 °C.

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Thin Film Heat Flux Sensor Thin Film Heat Flux Sensor

The thin film heat flux sensors, being developed at NASA Glenn Research Center, are fabricated as a plug-type sensor on the surface of a ceramic material. They can also be fabricated directly on the surface of a part such as a turbine blade.

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Physical Sensors Instrumentation Research

John D. Wrbanek

Intelligent Systems

Dr. Gary Hunter

The NASA Glenn Research Center is interested in partnering with companies that can develop these technologies into commercial products. If you are interested in learning more about partnering with NASA, please contact the Technology Transfer & Partnership Office.


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