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Environmental Effects and Coatings

Research and experiments related to environmental durability, atomic oxygen, and low earth orbit.

The Environmental Effects and Coatings team assesses the space environment durability of high performance spacecraft materials, surfaces, and low-temperature electronics technology to meet NASA, national, and U.S. industrial needs.

Our researchers use a variety of simple, quick, and cost-effective mechanisms to provide services to external companies and organizations. Interested organizations may contact us via phone, or e-mail.

Testing support for external organizations can be accomplished on a cost-effective and timely reimbursement basis, which allow test samples and/or materials to be sent directly to NASA GRC. After testing, the samples are returned and the results obtained are held proprietary to the requesting organization.

For more information concerning  potential collaborative activities, contact:

Sharon K. Miller
Environmental Effects and Coatings  Branch
NASA Glenn Research Center
21000 Brookpark Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44135
Telephone: (216) 433-2219

Additional Contacts

Area of Expertise Name Phone Number
Chief, Space Environment and Experiments Raymond Robinson (216) 433-5590
• Atomic Oxygen Interactions
• Atomic Oxygen Protective Coatings
• Ion Beam Sputter Deposition
• Surface Texturing
• Atomic Oxygen Art Restoration
• Propellant Isolators
• Atomic Oxygen Texturing
• Lunar Dust Mitigation
Bruce Banks (216) 433-2308
• Spaceflight Experiment Investigation (e.g. Materials International Space Station Experiment (MISSE))
• Atomic Oxygen Effects on Materials
• Thermal Control Materials Durability (e.g. Teflon FEP)
• Optical Properties Characterization
• Characterization (e.g. SEM, AFM, Nanoindentation, tensile properties)
Kim DeGroh (216) 433-2297
• Extreme Temperature Electronics (-190 C to +300 C) Ahmad Hammoud (216) 433-8511
• Space Environment Simulation, Exposure and Durability Testing
• Atomic Oxygen Effects on Materials
• UV effects on Materials
• Thin Film Coatings and Surface Texturing
• Atomic Oxygen Art Restoration
• Ion Beam Sputtering
• Lunar Dust Mitigation
• Optical and Thermal characterization
Sharon Miller (216) 433-2219
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