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Sensor Applications

Chemical Sensors Family Tree

The approach of this group, its collaborators, and through work in the STTR/SBIR program has been to start with a core set of sample platforms combined with Smart Sensor Systems to address a large range of applications. An example of the approach is shown below with a Chemical Sensors Family Tree: one sensor platform can yield the capability to measure multiple chemical species, and the combined platforms have extended versatility.

A diagram showing chemical sensors family tree with the Sensing Principle at the top, the Schottky Diode, Resistor, and an Solid State Electrochemical cell on the next level with three additional levels beneath
An example Chemical Sensors Family Tree. (Credit: Makel Engineering, Inc.)


This work has led to a vast range of applications. In each case, the chemical sensors and associated hardware have been tailored for the application. The collage of pictures below gives examples of where this micro chemical sensor technology has either been demonstrated, applied, or is in development.  

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