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Rocket Gallery

As an additional feature for the Beginner’s Guide to Rockets, we are including a gallery of photographs of rockets used by NASA to launch a variety of payloads into orbit. A few of the photographs are historical and pre-date the establishment of NASA. There are many more rockets in existence than those listed here. The gallery does not include military rockets, except where the military rocket was later modified for use as a launcher, and the gallery does not include rockets from other countries. The pictures may be copied and used by students and teachers in the preparation of reports and classroom activities.


Photo of Robert Goddard with the first liquid propellant rocket


Photo of launch of Mercury Atlas carrying John Glenn into orbit.


Photo of launch of Delta IV.


Photo of launch of Mercury Redstone carrying Alan Shepherd.


Photo of launch of Gemini Titan.


Photo of launch of Saturn 1B.

Space Shuttle

Photo of first launch of Space Shuttle Columbia.

Upper Stages

Photo of Agena upper stage.

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