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Simulated Inter-compressor Duct Research Model (SIDRM)

Engine Ice Accretion Testing SIDRMThe Simulated Inter-compressor Duct Research Model (SIDRM) is a test article whose geometry is representative of an inter-compressor duct and strut region of a turbofan engine. The test article has the ability to heat its surfaces to simulate the warm surfaces of the turbofan inter compressor duct, and is instrumented with heaters, heat flux gauges, thermocouples, and pressure taps. NASA has tested SIDRM in 2022 and 2023 in the NASA Icing Research Tunnel studying both supercooled water and ice-crystal icing. The resulting ice accretions were characterized using a 3D laser scanner, cameras, and a scale to measure ice mass. The aim of these tests was to generate ice accretions on the SIDRM test article under well-characterized supercooled liquid icing and ice crystal icing conditions. The icing measurements collected during the SIDRM tests will be used to develop and validate 3D computational engine icing tools, such as GlennICE, that predictively assesses the onset and growth of ice.

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