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LEWICE 3DLEWICE3D is a software system capable of predicting the accumulation of ice on three-dimensional aircraft surfaces given the flight and meteorological conditions of an icing cloud. The software utilizes input information of the airflow surrounding the body of interest and then calculates trajectories of approaching water droplets. Using the droplets that impact the body, the software then calculates the resulting ice mass and the shape formed on the body by applying mass and energy transfer processes at the surface. This version of the software includes coverage of the full range of icing conditions from the standard envelope encompassed by FAA CFR 14, Part 25, Appendix C, up through super-cooled large drop (SLD) icing conditions. The computational results have been compared to an extensive database of ice shape profiles obtained from experimental measurements and the software has shown a very good ability to reproduce such profiles under most conditions of interest to the aviation community.

The computer code is available from the NASA software repository:

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