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Laboratory for Adhesion Mitigating Projects (LAMP)

LAMPLocated at NASA LaRC, the Laboratory for Adhesion Mitigating Projects (LAMP) is used to assess the durability and efficacy of low ice adhesion coatings to help mitigate in-flight icing. The lab has instrumentation to assess coating adhesion using a variety of techniques such as cross-hatch adhesion, hardness, mandrel-bend flexibility, and impact testing. The lab has capability to conduct thermal cycling, accelerated weathering, and solvent soaking including water, jet fuel, hydraulic fluid, deicing fluid, etc. In addition, the LAMP lab has a custom-built impact ice adhesion testing centrifuge, called the Adverse Environment Rotary Test Stand (AERTS Jr.), which is used to assess coating performance. Finally, the LAMP facility has a pneumatic insect delivery device as well as the support characterization equipment to assess insect residue adhesion mitigation of candidate coatings.

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