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Education and Training

A couple of high quality education and training aids for pilots on various aspects of flight in icing conditions have been produced by NASA in conjunction with government and industry experts. These products are free online and have been widely used by the worldwide aviation community.

Plane flying through the air and it says below the plane "NASA In-Flight Icing Training for Pilots."
Education and Training Tools are available for use by pilots

A Pilot’s Guide to Ground Icing: A free on-line course primarily intended for pilots who make their own operational de-icing and anti-icing decisions. This includes private pilots as well as those who fly business, corporate, air taxi, or freight operations in fixed-wing aircraft.

A Pilot’s Guide to In-Flight Icing: A free on-line course primarily intended for the general aviation pilot who flies aircraft certified for flight in icing, although much of the information is applicable to all pilots. With an operational focus, this course provides tools pilots can use to deal with in-flight icing.

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