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iROC STEM Education and Outreach

Inspiring Young Minds iROC outreach team helps students of all ages learn basic photonics and optics through hands-on communication Students learn properties of light, electromagnetic spectrum, “invisible light,” lasers, optical illusion, optical games, holograms, light through an optical fiber and laser communication for NASA’s deep space exploration by fun interactive demonstrations Students apply their knowledge … Read the rest ⇢

iROC Test Bed

“Test as we fly, fly as we test.” RF and optical communications links Multi-path networking test bed Prototype RF/optical teletenna Deep-space data emulation Laser beam stabilization (Guidestar II) Pointing, acquisition and tracking (PAT) rig Establishing capability to emulate two-year mission scenario in the lab Accommodates network scenarios to include multiple relays and infusion Extensions to … Read the rest ⇢



Key Enabling Technologies

Integrated RF and Optical Communications (iROC) Information

Project Manager: Nang Pham,
Co-Principal Investigator: Dr. Daniel Raible,
Co-Principal Investigator: Dr. Robert Romanofsky,

Integrated RF and Optical Communications (iROC) News

Increasing the Speed of Deep Space Communications July 9, 2013

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