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Aerosol Samplers

Aerosol Sampling Experiment (Aerosol Samplers)

The ISS is a unique indoor environment that serves as both home and workplace for crew members. The ISS has some aerosol sources in common with buildings on Earth, but can be considered an isolated volume of air with only internally generated aerosols from occupants, their activities and ISS infrastructure. Spacecraft cabin air quality is of fundamental importance to crew health, with concerns encompassing both gaseous contaminants and particulate matter. Currently there is no particle measurement capability on the ISS; however, an aerosol source model developed for the purpose of filtration and ventilation systems design has been created and updated with emission rates from the literature. Since the initial modeling efforts, the number of crew members on board the ISS has increased from 3 to 6 and they are engaged in new processes and activities. Therefore, it is prudent to evaluate the current state of ISS ambient air quality in terms of particles.

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