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Flow Boiling and Condensation Experiment (FBCE)

Flow Boiling and Condensation Experiment (FBCE)


FBCE Quad Chart

The proposed research aims to develop an integrated two-phase flow boiling/condensation facility for the International Space Station (ISS) to serve as a primary platform for obtaining two-phase flow and heat transfer data in microgravity. By comparing the microgravity data against those obtained in Earth’s gravity, it will be possible to ascertain the influence of body force on two-phase transport phenomena in pursuit of mechanistic models as well as correlations, and to help determine the minimum flow criteria to ensure gravity independent flow boiling and condensation. This research will be a joint effort between the Purdue University Boiling and Two-Phase Flow Laboratory (BTPFL) and the NASA Glenn Research Center. Personnel from the two organizations combine extensive experience in research and development of both flow boiling and condensation systems, and in conducting microgravity experiments.



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Currently updating…

Project Management

Project Manager: Nancy Rabel Hall, NASA GRC

Project Scientist: Henry Nahra, NASA GRC

Principal Investigator: Issam Mudawar, Purdue University
Co-Principal Investigator: Mohammad Mojibul Hasan, NASA GRC

Engineering Team: GRC Engineering

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