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Glenn's Extreme Environment Rig, GEER,
Glenn’s Extreme Environment Rig, GEER

NASA’s GEER test chamber can be customized for specific conditions or requirements. The facility has been upgraded to allow the transfer of power and data from a test article while under Venus surface conditions. The standard capabilities include:

The GEER chamber can achieve pressures from ambient to 1365 PSI, reach temperatures over 500C and precisely control gas composition for continuous periods of time exceeding several months.


Electrical Engineer Mark Kubiak, conducts tests on the new, smaller version of our Extreme Environments Rig called MiniGEER.

NASA Glenn Research Center also has a smaller test vessel that can simulate many of the same conditions as the larger GEER test facility – but allows a quicker turnaround and lower operating costs.

The capabilities of Mini GEER include:

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Integrated, Multi-Disciplinary Expertise

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Technology Development

Science Testing

Has enabled both the understanding of how geology may behave on Venus and which materials/designs may be best for a future lander

Objective was to determine whether CO2 and N2 may stratify in the lower Venusian atmosphere

Taught us a lot about the behavior of that mixture, and also about GEER operations

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