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Education and Outreach

The astronauts and operators of future robotic vehicles who will explore the Moon, Mars, and beyond are in schools across the country. Educating these future scientists and engineers is a priority for NASA, with programs available at all educational levels for students to get involved with their space program.


Amusement Park Physics Days

NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio will be supporting Physics, Science and Math Week at Cedar Point Amusement Park on May 14-15, 2019 with educational activities such as poster displays and hands-on demonstrations. Exhibits will cover the area of Exploration, Microgravity, Science Missions, Aeronautics, and Orion. Many educators have requested the PDF versions of … Read the rest ⇢

Drop Tower Competition

Between 2000 and 2011, the DIME and WING competition allowed students to design and build drop tower experiments. Now NASA has an annual drop tower challenge that allows students to design and build drop tower devices that meets a NASA need or challenge.



The HUNCH mission is to empower and inspire students through a Project Based Learning program where high school students learn 21st century skills and have the opportunity to launch their careers through the participation in the design and fabrication of real world valued products for NASA.

Space Communications and Navigation (SCaN) Outreach

The GRC PSC Outreach team is responsible for the coordination and implementation of educational public outreach events to share NASA and the Space Communications and Navigation (SCaN) Program’s accomplishments with the general public and space industry.

NASA Internship and Fellowship Programs Summer Orientation
NASA Internship and Fellowship Programs Summer Orientation

SCaN Intern Project (SIP)

The SCaN Intern Project (SIP) at the NASA Glenn Research Center (GRC) is a ten-week-long summer internship where High School, Undergraduate, and Graduate students gain hands on experience working with NASA mentors on projects in specialized areas of Space Communication and Navigation.

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