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The below table lists the U.S. patents on SiC technology from the Smart Sensing and Electronics Systems Branch. Many of these patents are available for technology transfer and licensing by contacting the NASA Glenn Technology Transfer Office. 

US Patent #TitleInventor(s)Year
10,256,202Durable bond pad structure for electrical connection to extreme environment microelectronic integrated circuitsSpry, Lukco, Neudeck, Chang, Chen, Meredith, Moses, Blaha, Gonzalez, Beheim, Laster2019
10,122,363Current source logic gateKrasowski, Prokop, Neudeck2018
9,978,686Interconnection of semiconductor devices in extreme environment microelectronic integrated circuit chipsSpry, Neudeck2018
9,975,765Fabricating ultra-thin silicon carbide diaphragmsOkojie2018
9,872,293Intelligent data transfer for multiple sensor networks over a broad temperature rangeKrasowski2018
9,766,053Material damage system and method for determining sameOkojie2017
9,755,645Current source logic gateKrasowski, Prokop2017
9,452,926Dopant selective reactive ion etching of silicon carbideOkojie2016
9,046,426Modular apparatus and method for attaching multiple devicesOkojie2015
9,013,002Iridium interfacial stack (IRIS)Spry2015
8,841,698Method for providing semiconductors having self-aligned ion implantNeudeck2014
8,373,175Dual ohmic contact to N- and P-type silicon carbideOkojie2013
8,416,007N channel JFET based digital logic gate structureKrasowski2013
7,935,601Method for providing semiconductors having self-aligned ion implantNeudeck2011
7,688,117N channel JFET based digital logic gate structureKrasowski2010
7,389,675Miniaturized metal (metal alloy)/PdOx/SiC hydrogen and hydrocarbon gas sensorsHunter, Xu, Lukco2008
7,438,030Actuator operated microvalvesOkojie2008
7,449,065Method for the growth of large low-defect single crystalsPowell, Neudeck, Trunek, Spry2008
6,845,664MEMS direct chip attach packaging methodologies and apparatuses for harsh environmentsOkojie2005
6,869,480Method for the production of nanometer scale step height reference specimensAbel, Powell, Neudeck2005
6,706,549Multi-functional micro electromechanical devices and method of bulk manufacturing sameOkojie2004
6,763,699Gas sensors using SiC semiconductors and method of fabrication thereofHunter, Neudeck2004
6,769,303Multi-functional micro electromechanical silicon carbide accelerometerOkojie2004
6,770,208Method for forming MEMS-based spinning nozzleOkojie2004
6,783,592Lateral movement of screw dislocations during homoepitaxial growth and devices yielded therefrom free of the detrimental effects of screw dislocationsNeudeck, Powell2004
6,794,213Method of assembling a silicon carbide high temperature anemometerOkojie, Fralic, Saad2004
6,513,730MEMS-based spinning nozzleOkojie2003
6,647,809Silicon carbide high temperature anemometer and method for assembling the sameOkojie, Fralic, Saad2003
6,426,296Method and apparatus for obtaining a precision thickness in semiconductor and other wafersOkojie2002
6,461,944Methods for growth of relatively large step-free SiC crystal surfacesNeudeck, Powell2002
6,488,771Method for growing low-defect single crystal heteroepitaxial filmsPowell, Neudeck2002
6,111,452Wide dynamic range RF mixers using wide bandgap semiconductorsFazi, Neudeck2000
6,165,874Method for growth of crystal surfaces and growth of heteroepitaxial single crystal films thereonPowell, Larkin, Neudeck, Matus2000
5,915,194Method for growth of crystal surfaces and growth of heteroepitaxial single crystal films thereonPowell, Larkin, Neudeck, Matus1999
5,709,745Compound semi-conductors and controlled doping thereofLarkin, Neudeck, Powell, Matus1998
5,463,978Compound semiconductor and controlled doping thereofLarkin, Neudeck, Powell, Matus1995
5,363,800Process for the controlled growth of single-crystal films of silicon carbide polytypes on silicon carbide wafersLarkin, Powell1994
5,248,385Process for the homoepitaxial growth of single-crystal silicon carbide films on silicon carbide wafersPowell1993
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