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Work With NASA Glenn SiC Technology 

If you are interested in working with or licensing NASA Glenn SiC electronics and sensors technology, please contact Priscilla Diem of the NASA Glenn Research Center Tech Transfer Office (, 216 433-2095). 

NASA Glenn Civil Servant SiC Researchers 

Diana Centeno-Gomez, Chief
(216) 433-3259 

Dr. Gary W. Hunter, Branch Technical Lead
(216) 433-6459

SiC Electrical Test Hardware

Mr. Lawrence C. Greer
(216) 433-8770 

SiC Circuit Design

Mr. Michael J. Krasowski
(216) 433-3729 

Mr. Norman F. Prokop
(216) 433-6718 

SiC Device Processing

Dr. Srihari Rajgopal
(216) 433-5375

Mr. David J. Spry
(216) 433-3361 

Mr. Andrew J. Trunek
(216) 433-6736 

SiC Gas Sensors

Dr. Gary W. Hunter
(216) 433-6459

Dr. Jennifer C. Xu
(216) 433-6669

SiC MEMS, Sensors, and Contacts

Dr. Robert S. Okojie
(216) 433-6522 

SiC Optoelectronics

Dr. Timothy J. Palinski
(216) 433-6792

SiC Integrated Circuits

Dr. Philip G. Neudeck
(216) 433-8902 

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