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Intelligent Control and Autonomy

We are developing, demonstrating, and maturing innovative control and systems health management technologies to substantially improve the performance, safety, environmental compatibility, reliability, durability, and intelligence of aerospace systems.


The Intelligent Control and Autonomy (IC&A) capability is engaged in developing cutting edge controls technologies for future aerospace systems. These systems include but are not limited to intelligent and autonomous systems, “greener” aeropropulsion systems, and evolving propulsion concepts for the low subsonic to hypersonic flight domains. The discipline works cooperatively with NASA’s space and aeronautics mission directorates, and with industry and academia to identify, develop, and demonstrate technologies that can significantly improve the performance, safety, environmental compatibility, reliability and/or durability of aerospace systems.

The Intelligent Control and Autonomy capability is set apart by its system and mission perspectives, by the need to execute its function in real time, and, historically, by a preponderance of expertise in the control of aerospace propulsion systems.

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Systems Health Management

Systems Health Management plays a vital role ensuring the cost effective and safe operation of aerospace systems. It includes techniques for the detection, diagnosis and prognosis of degradation or faults in a vehicle system or its component. Additionally, it provides a recommended response to the degradation or fault such as a recommended maintenance action (off-line) … Read the rest ⇢

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Free Software Tools for Control Design, Simulation, and Analysis

One outcome of intelligent control and autonomy research is useful, cutting-edge software tools that support the development, modeling, analysis, and testing of advanced/intelligent control designs and systems health management capabilities. Many of these software tools have been made available to the public through NASA’s software and GitHub websites. The publicly available software tools highlighted here … Read the rest ⇢

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Publications and Reports

Many of the formal technical publications of the NASA Glenn Intelligent Control and Autonomy researchers are listed in the table below. These technical publications are posted on this site in order to ensure timely public dissemination of NASA technical work. Works authored solely by US Government Employees performing official duties are not protected by US … Read the rest ⇢

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